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Anne Frank’s Edited Anatomy

In all the places to find interesting sex-positive talk, I was informed of this link while listening to SModcast with Kevin Smith.  He and his hetero-lifemate Scott Mosier expressed their disappointment in our society for the censorship that we feel we need to impose on our children, including basic anatomy talk from a famous teenaged figure.  This from the guys who made “Clerks.” The body talk in Anne Frank’s diary is an older story (the content discussed was first published in 1995), but resurfaced two years ago when parents in a Virginia middle school were complaining about the “explicit sexual content” in this classic piece of literature. Reproduced here is the “explicit sexual content.” “…Until I was eleven or twelve, I didn’t realize there was a second set of labia on the inside, since you couldn’t see them. What’s even funnier is that I thought urine came out of the clitoris…When you’re standing up, all you see from the front is hair. Continue Reading →

What Causes Women’s Post-Sex Blues?

I recently read an interesting article from discussing a recent study that was conducted in Australia pertaining to feelings of sadness post-sex. The study indicated that out of the 200 women they surveyed – at least one-third of the women felt sadness, anxiety, or irritability after sex. Yet what I found most interesting in the article was the reasons (or causes) for these feelings of sadness; the article listed the following (possible) explanations:

previous sexual abuse which may lead to feelings of guilt or shame,
emotional characteristics which may lead to feelings of sadness. The author of the study (Robert Schweitzer) also stated additional research needs to be done to see if the way women perceive themselves in the bedroom could has any effect on their post-sex feelings. But the one thing that comes to my mind when I think of irritability post-sex is lack of satisfaction in bed. Continue Reading →

Real Women Come In All Shapes and Sizes

I recently read a blog post that my friend Sarah linked me to on The Rotund. The post is about how real women come in all shapes and sizes, as she author is arguing against a pants campaign. In the article, titled “Job Number One; Destroying the Paradigm, Not Shifting It”, Marianne Kirby, expresses her displeasure with a clothing campaign using the slogan “Real women have curves.” When I first saw the same slogan, I liked it. I’m not a skinny girl, and even at my lowest body weight (not that it matters, but under 100lb) I still manage to have curves. Continue Reading →

Need Some Help Getting In The Right Frame Of Mind For Sex?

Don’t worry! Pamela Madsen’s mind/body meditation can apparently help you get in the mood. Shameless: Self, Love, and Sexuality is a series of four guided meditations that claim to help women get over their fears of lovemaking by “curing” body insecurities, shame and fear, and teaching relaxation techniques. While this does sound a little far-fetched to me, I’m a huge believer in the mind-body connection. There’s no doubt that unenjoyable or painful sex is often connected to a psychological block (of course, that’s not the only explanation, as painful sex could be a sign of something more serious), and it’s often hard to get past those blocks. Continue Reading →

The Cup Size Choir

Okay, so obviously I would be in love with this. I mean, it’s a combination of my two greatest passions in life- pretty bras and singing. While the pitch does get a little wonky, and it’s mildly creepy to watch each girl fall onto the mattress every time her note is sung, I seriously appreciate this. Continue Reading →

“Well, Don’t Tell Them You’re A Belly Dancer”: Stigma And Sexiness

Before moving to Bloomington, Indiana for my Ph.D. in folklore, I met with my mentor, Professor Alan Dundes, in his office at UC Berkeley. He had also done his Ph.D. in Bloomington, and he was giving me advice about relocating to the Midwest and adjusting to grad school. Among other gems of wisdom that he dispensed, he told me:

“Well, don’t tell them you’re a belly dancer. Continue Reading →

Vulvae: To Each Their Own

I recently came across this amazing blog, called The [Online] Vulva Book. It’s a fantastic site dedicated to showing the beautiful variety in vulvae across the world. Women are often super self-conscious about the appearance of their vulvae, as the images portrayed in pornography and the media often depict genitals as neatly packed little bundles of joy. The truth is, every vulva is different, and in my opinion, beautiful. Continue Reading →

How To Take Your Own Boudoir Photographs

Cell phone cameras are ubiquitous and sexting is all the rage, but there will always be something extra sultry about a proper boudoir photo. While many people are more than happy to Tweet their outfit for the evening or share sexy photographs with a partner, a boudoir photo doesn’t have to include anyone but you. Whether you’re looking for a sultry photo to post up on your bathroom mirror or framed in the living room, here are some tips for your own solo photoshoot. Continue Reading →

Maura Kelly, Marie Claire and the Sizist Attack Fallout

In case you hadn’t already heard, Marie Claire blogger Maura Kelly is in a whole heap of trouble for a recent post regarding the TV sitcom “Mike and Molly,” which stars two people who met and fell in love at an “Overeaters Anonymous” meeting. Despite having never seen the show, Kelly recently posted a blog entitled “Should Fatties Get a Room? (Even on TV?),” in which she made such statements as “I think I’d be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other…because I’d be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything,” then compared being fat to being a drunk or a heroin addict. Continue Reading →