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Australia’s Chlamydial Pursuits

As a researcher working in sexual health, I try to keep an ear to the ground with regard to developments in the STI realm. Regardless of one’s personal or professional interests, however, it is difficult to ignore the spotlight that has been shining on chlamydia in recent times. From posters on public toilet doors, to plotlines on Australia’s second-favourite evening soap, one can certainly argue that chlamydia is Australia’s STI du jour. As I am currently devoting my professional life to chlamydia-specific research, I must disclose that the chlamydia fervor is subsidizing my lifestyle. But aside from funding my penchant for fine cheeses and late-night Etsy binges, there are a number of reasons why chlamydia is deservedly the focus of national attention. Continue Reading →

Labia Modification in Mozambique and Australia

In the last month, I’ve heard a couple of anecdotes about changing labial length that I found intriguing. In the workshops I teach on sexual anatomy and physiology, I always like to mention that the length of labia minora varies and that longer labial length has no correlation with sexual experience (a myth I’ve been asked about previously). One of my favorite quotes about natural labia length comes from sex educator Becca Brewer, who said in one of her workshops that “labia minora are like sisters, not twins,” meaning that it’s completely normal for them to not be identical. After a recent workshop I taught, a colleague of mine shared with me that in Mozambique (her home country), women are taught before they get married to lengthen their labia minora. She described how women will gently stretch their labia minora in the hopes of making it longer and better able to “wrap around the penis” and increase both partners’ sensation. Continue Reading →

To Sauna Or Not To Sauna?

The sauna, or a heated room wherein one can sit and sweat for health and therapeutic purposes, has become well-known in Western health clubs and spas, though it originated in Baltic, Scandinavian, and Slavic cultures. Each region has local variations: some saunas are wet and humid while others are bone-dry; some feature bundles of birch branches that you can use to massage yourself; and in some places, attendees leap into icy lakes or roll around in the snow in order to stimulate blood flow between sessions in the heated room. This all sounds good, right? But would you enter a sauna with the opposite sex when everyone was nude? I did. Continue Reading →

Where in the World is the Wondrous Vulva Puppet? Sydney Opera House Edition

This photo was taken while my vulva puppet and I were returning to Sydney Harbour on the (ironically-named, in this case) Manly Ferry. I think the side-by-side comparison is appropriate given that the Opera House and vulvas are both compared to opening clam shells. I enjoy art imitating life on a grand scale, especially when it’s vulvar. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor or follow the author of this post, @katecom. Travel with your own vulva puppet? Continue Reading →

Finland’s “Baby Box”

What if you knew that upon giving birth to your child, some of her or his basic needs for clothing, blankets, and diapers would be met? Well, let me tell you about a place I like to call… Finland. Yes, Finland. As described on, the so-called baby box “has been available in Finland to low-income mothers since 1937 and to all mothers since 1949. Continue Reading →

This Week at MSP: Sex Around the Globe

This week, the MSP blogging team will be exploring an array of international sexuality issues for our “Sex Around the Globe” theme. From nudity in Estonian saunas to labia modification in Mozambique, we’ll be covering diverse topics that we hope will pique your interest. We’ll also see a new installment in the “Where in the World is the Wondrous Vulva Puppet?” series and welcoming a guest blogger. I hope you’re all looking forward to this week’s theme as much as I am! Continue Reading →