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Locked! Male Chastity Devices

Medieval Male Chastity

Chastity belts, both male and female, have a wild mythological history allegedly dating back to the times of the Crusades. Although the concept of a chastity belt does appear in Renaissance poetry and literature, all models previously thought to have come from Medieval times have been confirmed as clever fakes designed by the Victorians. It was not until the 19th century that chastity belts made their first truly functional appearance. Continue Reading →

Anthropologie Camel Toe “Look”

Obviously I spend too much time on Anthropologie. But just now, I got an email from them displaying different Fall “looks” (here is the web version of the Anthro looks). One look is named “Camel”. And on this one photo there just happens to be a dark shadow that kind of makes it look like the model has major camel toe. This, combined with their vulva bikini and Anna Sui female reproductive part diagram dress makes me feel like they totally know what they’re doing. Continue Reading →

Men and The Speedo: In The Flesh

In honor of this week’s fashion theme, I decided to discuss the ins and outs of everyone’s favorite swimwear: the Speedo.  And by “favorite,” I mean, “butt of every joke.” What we colloquially call Speedos are more generally called “swim briefs” but, like Kleenex and Rollerblades, sometimes the brand name catches on. Speedo was originally an Australian company, which seems quite appropriate to me given the Aussies’ love of all things athletic. They were designed for use in competitive “water sports” because they reduce “drag.” Imagine where my mind was going with this. Continue Reading →

Defining Femme Style: An Interview with Johnny Blazes

In the past, the dynamic of “butch/femme” aesthetics amongst queer women has been met with a mixture of negative responses. Some argue that these terms have only served to reinforce gendered standards of behavior (i.e., one partner must be “masculine,” while the other must be “feminine”). Others argue that butch/femme identities only mirror mainstream culture and negate the queer experience. Still more would suggest that when one dresses femme, they deny their involvement with the queer community by “passing as straight.” Yet more recently, “femme” identity has experienced a resurgence as both a political term as well as personal identification, in the form of a social reclaiming. Continue Reading →

How To Find The Perfect Bra: A Guide For Beginners & Experts

Most women will agree- a good outfit begins with the right undergarments. It could even be argued that a perfectly fitting bra is the most valuable thing in a woman’s wardrobe. The truth is, however, that most of us are walking around wearing ill-fitting bras without even knowing it. In order to get the scoop on the way a bra should fit, I headed over to Forty Winks in Harvard Square. The owners, Meredith Donaldson and Rachel Wentworth, two wonderfully fresh-faced entrepreneurs, agreed to sit down with me and discuss something that I could talk about for hours: breasts. Continue Reading →

This Week on MSP: Sex and Fashion Week

I’ve always loved fashion even though, since moving to Indiana, I rarely take the opportunity to express this side of myself as fashion doesn’t seem to be much of a “thing” here (this turns out to be better for my bank account). However, the various fashion shows and fashion weeks – including New York Fashion Week – remind me of the larger world out there that’s interested in some aspect of fashion. Continue Reading →

Fashion And BDSM Are Not The Same

obey me!

Not everyone who wears leather pants is into BDSM, and not everyone who is into BDSM wears leather pants. Unfortunately there are cases where the mainstream or popular media confuses BDSM and fashion. I encountered two specific articles recently that have troubled me quite a bit. One was from the August issue of Cosmopolitan magazine and the other was a movie review of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from the New York Times. Korin Miller’s Cosmopolitan article Whips, Chains, Cages. Continue Reading →