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Pornstars are People, Too!

I’ll admit it- I take seriously guilty pleasure in perusing celebrity gossip magazines. My favorite feature is when they show the celebrities in their everyday lives- at the grocery store, in sweatpants, and- best of all- without makeup on. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when Buzzfeed released a list of “33 Startling Photos of Porn Stars” without makeup. And yet, I found myself mildly peeved. Perhaps it was the comparison of photos- one of the woman with makeup, and one without directly next to it. Continue Reading →

Experiencing Gender Differences In Spatial/Visual Abilities

We’ve all heard it before: boys are better at math and spatial reasoning, girls are better at relational thinking and language skills. There’s always more to the story than that, however. The fact that scientists and scholars are still trying to disentangle cultural conditioning from biology means that these concepts must be treated with nuance and approached skeptically until empirical evidence is brought forward to clarify them. But what’s a feminist scholar to do when life experiences rub these supposed gender differences in her face? Over dinner with my partner once, we were playing a spatial reasoning game (Pentago, for those who want to check it out – it’s actually a pretty fun game, when I’m not constantly losing). Continue Reading →

Fashion Vs. Coin-Collecting

In response to yet another ridiculous example of making assumptions about women in political power according to how they dress, Feministe has come up with a brilliant comparison of fashion and coin-collecting. Here’s how this works: both fashion and coin-collecting are hobbies, yet fashion is gendered in ways that coin-collecting is not. No one automatically assumes that you collect coins, but women are assumed to be into fashion because, well, that’s what ladies are into, right? Coin-collecting comes up in conversation either briefly or not at all, or if both parties are into it, while fashion is something you can apparently ask any woman about anytime. See where this is going? Continue Reading →

Wedding Dresses For Under $20

Weddings aren’t cheap, and neither are wedding dresses. Now, I have a friend who happened upon her wedding dress at a Goodwill store for cheap, but otherwise they can get expensive quickly. When my mom got remarried she found a bridesmaid dress she liked better than any wedding dress she tried on, and it was around $100. However, I also know some ladies that have spent over $1,000 on a wedding dress. However, I’m here to share with you 12 wedding dresses that you might be able to make right now – just go grab some toilet paper! Continue Reading →

Making A Spectacle Of Women In Politics

I chose not to have a picture for this post – read on to find out why! Women in politics face many challenges, not least of which is how they negotiate their representations in the public eye. One of the particular problems I’ve noticed is that aspects of women’s identities, ranging from how they dress to how they comport themselves sexually, are frequently focused upon by the media in ways that are much more critical than the focus on men. Continue Reading →

Not All Costumes Need To Be Sexy

A couple of years ago, my roommate decided that she was going to dress up as “sexy” Indiana Jones. It struck me as a little odd that Indiana Jones was something that she thought needed to be made sexy (I thought he was pretty sexy already). However, “sexy” Indiana Jones turned out to be a very cute costume. The Huffington Post recently posted an article titled 13 Halloween Costumes That Have No Business Being ‘Sexy’. Continue Reading →

Are Your Breasts in Style?

Jeana’s post A Photo Gallery of Normal Breasts reminded me of this great post on Jezebel that is a little old, but fits right in with our breast theme week here on MSP. Not only are breasts all different shapes, sizes, weights, textures, and colors. The different types of breasts also go in and out of style which is why it may seem that there were more torpedo shaped breasts in the 60s and rounder, more fuller breasts today, but really it’s all about what types of breasts are being shown to us based off the culture of beauty that exists today (and sometimes, what kinds of bras are in style at the time). Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: Anthropologie Octopussy Dress

Earlier this year, Anthropologie tried to sell us a vulvakini (at a time when dresses were popping up on Modcloth and etsy that were similarly vulva-like). Then, mid-summer, they came out with what I like to call the Octopussy Dress (and more recently, the Anna Sui reproductive parts diagram dress). As much as I loved the style of the dress, and as much as I adore all things vulva, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be the girl walking around with an octopus between her legs. You know what I’m saying? Recently in DC I stopped by Anthro and the dress was on sale. Continue Reading →

Corsets Part 3: Finding The Perfect Corset

Corsets are a fun and sexy addition to the wardrobe. The fact that it usually takes the assistance of another person to put on or remove a corset can add an extra element of sexiness to wearing one. There are a lot of different types of corsets out there and it can sometimes be a challenge, not to mention a little pricey to find the perfect one. If you’re just looking for something that looks like a corset or are on a small budget it is possible to find corset style tops at many normal clothing retailers. The boning in these types of tops, if they have it at all is generally made of plastic and isn’t strong enough to drastically alter the shape of the body. Continue Reading →

Sex Play and Sexy Costumes: Dress Me Up in Your Love

There are many ways to add some spice to your love life (case in point: sex can show you another side of a person), and dressing up is one of them. I remember being a little kid and having my own trunk of dress up clothes, many of which were hand-me-downs from my mother and babysitter. I had old prom dresses, and plenty of 80s-riffic fashions (big shoulder pads, neon prints). Continue Reading →