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Animated Genitals And A Message About Safety

I bet “animated genitals” got your attention, didn’t it? Go watch the video (obviously NSFW) and share it to promote the message that condom use is an important feature of safe sex. But am I the only one who was bothered by the idea of using eyeliner on a bathroom wall? It’s the one thing that struck me as unrealistic about the video–apart from, ya know, the dancing and winged genitals . Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →

My Skewed Vision of the World

Last week I came across this uterus-themed pinata on etsy (above) and thought it was pretty neat. I do, after all, own several vulva puppets and uterus dolls. A couple of days later I received an email from a friend – who had no idea I had come across the uterus pinata on etsy – sending me a link to the someecards blog on which they mock it. “Sure, it costs a whopping $140,” they write, “but inside every enormous paper maché uterus are Bliss dark chocolates, Hershey’s kisses, and tampons. Bat and crankiness sold separately.” Continue Reading →

Sexy Arts & Crafts: Felted Vulva

Last week, I was delighted to discover that some very dear friends of mine sent me this wonderful felted vulva they made, all the way from Maryland.  If you’re unfamiliar with this type of craft, it describes “a process called wet felting, where the natural wool fibre is stimulated by friction and lubricated by moisture” (Wikipedia). Giggedy. Then a needle or needles is used to sculpt the wool into fun shapes like this one. I love that you can see the clitoris, peeking out from underneath the hood! If you’d like to buy a kit to make your very own, felt vulva, contact them at Continue Reading →

Genitals In The Wild: “Snowmember”

What do the students at Indiana University do in their spare time during the winter? -Study? -Hit the gym? -Perhaps spend a majority of their day reading the MSP website?! Well it appears from the view off of my front porch, the students in Bloomington, IN decided to get in touch with their inner-child this winter by building a snowman. Continue Reading →

Italian Penis Art

A very kind MSP reader, Amy, sent me a link to this image from Richard Wiseman’s blog. It’s said to be from Italy – from 500 years ago – and this man’s entire had is made of penises. Or peni, as I believe the plural to be. [Richard Wiseman Blog] Continue Reading →

I Like to Dance

I was looking through the TED Women blog not long after it ended and I found this photo. I’m the one in the blue, dancing on stage, as it seems I often end up doing. I may look dorky, but I was having a blast. The woman on the far right is Amber Case, one of the TED Women speakers and she was terrific, not to mention very kind when I approached her at one of the breaks to congratulate her on her talk. Continue Reading →

Why On Earth Would You Upload That Picture? (Pics NSFW)

…I often ask myself that question. Even just perusing around Facebook, I can’t help but wonder why people would choose to actually publicize some of the pictures I see on their profiles. However, it’s one thing to ogle at a picture of some girl doing a keg stand at a frat party, and another to enjoy an entire blog of awkward pornographic photos (NSFW)

Just click it. Enjoy it. Get back to me. Continue Reading →

Just In Time For Hanukkah

Just in time for Hanukkah, released a list of their favorite “Hanukkah Hookups”. They’re all hilarious, but here are a few of my favorites:

“No strings attached, no hassids, but glasses and ivy-league will get preference” (this literally could have been a quote from my mother)
“No Woody Allen types. Ron Jeremy is fine. Rahm Emanuel even better.” “Goy Boy seeks Jewish Princess”

Click the link above to enjoy the posts in all of their hilarity. Continue Reading →