Word of the Day: Cliterate

If you’ve seen the hashtag “cliterate” circulating around on Twitter but have yet to discover its origin, you’re in for a treat.

I recently came across a fabulous profile on New York artist Sophia Wallace and her latest project on “Cliteracy”.

But what exactly does the project entail? Simply put: It’s a campaign designed to educate the public the only female body part that exists solely for pleasure. (Yes! The clitoris. Amazing, yes?)

Check out the article to learn more about the “100 Natural Laws of Cliteracy,” what inspired her to start the campaign, as well as what you can do to become more cliterate!

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Madeline Haller

Madeline Haller is an Assistant Editor for MensHealth.com. Haller received her bachelor's degree in journalism from Indiana University, with a second concentration in gender studies. When she's not writing for MSP/MH, you can find her running, enjoying a cup of coffee, or searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick.