Under The Skin: The Internal Bra

Cosmetic surgery on breasts is not a new idea. There is however a new technique out there that is being used for breast-lift and breast reduction surgeries. The Internal Bra System is an operation where a mesh-like material is inserted under the skin to help support the shape of the breasts. This is supposed to take the strain off of the skin and the newly formed scars and reduce the amount of stretch and sagging that typically occurs after such a procedure. The idea is that the mesh will function sort of like an internal bra without straps.

Though the procedure is not yet approved in the United States, it is a licensed procedure in Europe. The material used in the operation is similar to material that has been used in hernia operations for the last forty years. The long term effects have yet to be completely understood, a trial in Holland has found no serious complications after four and a half years. However, according to Mr Rajiv Grover, plastic surgeon and secretary of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) “Anything being put into the breast, such as an implant or mesh material, needs to be monitored for at least ten years to ensure it doesn’t become harmful to the body over time.”

I have mixed feelings about this procedure. I don’t think it is the right choice for everyone and until the long term effects are known I think it it deserves some extra thinking about. Cosmetic surgery carries a certain amount of risk and it is usually less risky to love and accept your body the way it is. But for people who are unhappy with the way their bodies look and think that a surgery would greatly improve their quality of life it is another option to consider.

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