Bras For Small Breasts

Garnet Joyce recently wrote about the difficulties in finding plus-sized lingerie.  It turns out that it is also somewhat of a trial for women with small breasts to find attractive and well fitting bras. There seems to be this impression that flat-chested women are only interested in buying padded or push-up bras in an effort to make their breasts look bigger. For those who are not interested in that the options have been limited to bras designed for teens. Training bras are not particularly sexy and really aren’t meant to be used as lingerie.

According to this article from the New York Times, flat-chested women are looking for a different type of lingerie. There seems to be an increased interest in finding bras that fit well and aren’t focused on shaping the body into something that it is not. In the last three years there has been a marked increase in the number of companies that provide this missing style. Whether people are looking for push-up bras that fit properly or soft bras that look sexy it is now becoming more possible and affordable to find the perfect one.

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