A ‘Must-See’ Film: Naked

Breasts: women love them, men love them.  Small and perky or round and full—it doesn’t matter whether you’re an A cup or flourish beyond the DD’s—these lovely assets are a dynamic part of a woman’s figure. No matter their size, breasts make us feel sexy, they give us confidence, and let’s face it—they’re amazing because every woman’s are her own and each pair is unique.

Every year National Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes and goes—but I have realized something… How aware am I?  What would I do if I woke up tomorrow and was informed I had breast cancer? Now that you’re thinking about it—what would you do?

I recently saw a documentary that drastically changed my view of breast cancer  and thought I would share it with all of you.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Lifetime Television Network will honor Meredith Gray in their “Every Woman Counts” campaign (which is a campaign that features women who inspire and empower others to work for a change in the world). The network will be playing the documentary for the entire month of October.

At the age of 46, Gray was diagnosed with breast cancer. Upon hearing the news, she allowed the documentary Naked to be filmed—which followers her on her journey as she explores the naked truth about combating breast cancer.

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Gray’s background is in fashion publishing and she has worked for some of the most reputable fashion magazines on the market. Working in an industry where artists’ obsess over the ideal “perfect body,” Naked strives to show women that true beauty lies on the inside. Gray wants women to understand that the loss of a breast (or both) does not make them less than a whole.

(Check out a clip on YouTube!!)

Naked (the documentary of Meredith Gray)

Hearing about Gray’s challenges really put things into perspective for me and I realized that I have greatly taken my breasts (as well as my good health) for granted.

This film enables the viewer to look beyond the cultural definition of  “beauty” that society constantly shoves in our faces through advertisements, TV, etc. Gray is an inspiration to all women and proves that there is more to “beauty” than meets the eye.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of this month and become more educated about breast cancer. Use this new knowlegde as an incentive to spoil yourself—whether that’s treating yourself (or your lady) to some fun lingerie or learning some new ways in which you can incorporate breasts into foreplay—the bottom line is, no matter the shape or size, cherish your breasts.

Breast cancer survivors and their partners or friends may find it helpful to read Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips (by Kris Carr, with a foreward by Sheryl Crow) or Living Well Beyond Breast Cancer.

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