When it is okay (or not okay) to be naked around your children?

Some time ago I was interviewed for an article about how different parents handle the issue of letting their children see them naked. As you know, there’s quite a diversity even with American culture. Some families are very comfortable with the naked human body and parents and children of all ages may walk around inside the home naked. The Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell family (including daughter Kate Hudson) have been open about their comfort with nudity, for example.

But not all families are comfortable with family nudity – and some are, but only under certain circumstances (like boys seeing their dad naked or girls seeing their mom naked). Others are comfortable only with certain ages – like letting kids see their parents naked until they are 4 or 7 or 10, for example. In several European countries, of course, nudity is less of a controversial issue but American families tend to have more worry, anxiety or shame around naked human bodies.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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