Toned bodies for Carnival

Carnival costumes in Brazil leave very little to the imagination – check out this slideshow of women and men as they prep to get their bodies into Carnival shape, and the accompanying article here.

Some quotes you may find interesting – or sad:

“This year our costumes are tiny, and there are no feathers to cover our bums,” said Livia Candido, an 18-year-old dancer with the Vila Isabel samba school. “That means there’s a lot of pressure to get our bums in perfect shape.”


When exercise is not enough, some Brazilians go under the knife to perfect their beauty. Angela Bismarchi had her 42nd plastic surgery on Monday. Already the Brazilian record holder for the most plastic surgeries, Ms. Bismarchi, 36, had nylon wires implanted in her eyes to give them an Asian slant, to help her look the part for this year’s theme of her samba group, Porto da Pedra: the centennial of Japanese immigration to Brazil.

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