Does Hair Color Influence Sex and Dating?

The color of your hair and your luck on the dating scene – is there a strong connection between the two?

Although everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to appearance or their specific “type” that they’re interested in, can a woman’s hair color be considered a deal breaker?

I read a rather interesting perspective on this last week when (how ironic) I was getting my highlights touched up.

I’m sitting in the salon chair playing the usual “catch-up” routine with my hair stylist when she randomly brings up an article she recently read in the May issue of Marie Claire.

Tiffani (my hair stylist) is carrying on and on about this article in which a journalist - who has been dying her hair red for quite some time – has decided that red hair comes off as unapproachable (among many other things - such as too wild, different, alternative, etc.). Therefore she decides to change her hair color to blonde, then brunette and  eventually compare the amount of attention she receives (as well as her luck with men) between the three hair colors.

Image courtesy to Marie Claire

Image courtesy to Marie Claire

Tiffani (who sports a choppy, magenta-red hairstyle) is clearly offended by the article because in the long run, it’s underlying message is that women won’t be able to attract men with hair that deviates too far from the traditional ‘Girl Next Door’ look.

She grabs the current issue for me and I read it while she finishes up my foils – and surprisingly- the article does give off a lot of negativity towards non-brunettes. Not only does it refer to redheads as wild, alternative, different (etc.) – but it draws a parallel between blonde hair and being icy, fake, unwholesome, loose (etc.).

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the claims within the article are a bit bold; not to mention discoraging women from expressing themselves in order to get a “good guy” seems ridiculous.

I understand that the piece can’t be taken too literally, the idea of experimenting with different looks/monitoring the reactions is cute - but suggesting that your hair color may be “keeping you from Mr. Right” and frowning upon self-expression is a bit over the line for me.

In my opinion, different is beautiful and I think that creativity (even if it is just pertaining to hair color) is something to be embraced.

Check out the article and let us know what you think.

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