Michaela is a recent Seven Sisters graduate with a self-designed degree in Sexuality Studies. When she's not blogging, you'll find her teaching Health and Wellness and A Cappella to high school students, helping women find properly fitting bras, and working as an editor on a documentary. She hopes to continue her education one day with a PhD in Feminist Anthropology.

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Fun Facts from a Vintage Sex Book

Over the past several years, I’ve amassed quite a collection of vintage/antique sex books. I keep meaning to share all the hilarious tidbits with MSP readers, but haven’t yet gotten around to it. So when Kate announced that this week’s theme was ‘Sex in History,’ I finally had a reason to share! My most recent trip to the Montague Book Mill (if you’re near Western Mass and haven’t checked this out, I highly recommend it) was a success. I walked out with two books: one on the history of the flapper, and the other on the history of, you guessed it, sex! Continue Reading →

Why Hide Your Hooters?

Working at a high-end baby store, I spend a lot of time thinking about breasts. You know the drill: breast pumps, nursing bras, reusable nursing pads, and, of course, the infamous Hooter Hiders. Hooter Hiders, made by Bebe au Lait, are essentially glorified aprons specifically designed to cover up during breastfeeding. This of course leads me to ask a pretty obvious question: why do we feel like we need to hide our hooters? Breastfeeding has become more and more taboo over time, which is ridiculous, considering most of us, at one point, gained all of our nutrients from breastfeeding. Continue Reading →

Gender on the Galactica

Ok, so I’m secretly a huge nerd. Well, maybe that’s not so secret. But recently I’ve been accepting my true nerdiness and allowing myself to delve into some awesome sci-fi shows. For the past week, I’ve spent most of my free time watching Battlestar Galactica. I’m only on season 2, but so far I’m fascinated by all of the sexuality/gender play on the show! Continue Reading →

A History of Sexual Behavior in Penguins

Researchers at the Natural History Museum recently discovered a 100-year old manuscript describing the sexual behavior of the Adélie penguins in Antarctica. If you’ve been reading my posts for the past few years, you know that I love anything vintage and sex related, and I love learning about animal behavior. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about this manuscript! The paper, written by scientist George Murray Levick in 1911, describes the “disturbing” sexual practices of penguins, including what he described as rape and necrophilia. According to the Liat Clark, all of these behaviors can be logically explained. Continue Reading →

What I’ve Learned About Gender From Working in a Baby Store

Our culture is obsessed with gender. From the moment a new life enters the world, we feel the need to bombard them with “appropriately” colored gifts as a way to reinforce the gender we have assigned. I was aware of this phenomenon before starting work at a baby store, both from my experience as a babysitter and from my gender studies background, but I wasn’t fully aware of how serious people get about their child’s gender. We carry a variety of items in our store, including clothing that is both clearly gendered and gender neutral (or so say the colors). Despite the obvious trend of pink for girls and blue for boys, it still blows my mind when people refuse to buy something because it’s the wrong color. Continue Reading →

Semen-Eating in Papua New Guinea

This semester, I took an anthropology seminar called Anthropology & Sexualities. We spent each three-hour class meeting discussing various practices around the world that have to do with sex, sexuality, gender identity, and rituals. So, when Kate announced to us that we were jumping back into our theme weeks with a “Sex Around The Globe” theme, I was pumped! It took a pretty serious process of elimination to figure out what I wasn’t going to write about, and finally, I settled on the fascinating rituals of male rites of passage in Papua New Guinea. The Sambia of Papua New Guinea are one of many cultures that practice rite of passage rituals. Continue Reading →

A Drink to Help You Orgasm?

I’ve become so accustomed to the bombardment of flavored drinks claiming to heighten my daily performance that I usually pass them over…but something about the name “NeuroGasm” made me stop to pause. A friend of mine stumbled across the drink (now called NeuroPassion) in her campus store, and I just couldn’t help but blog about it!  Maybe it’s the fact that the label boasts the drink’s ability to “support the pleasure response,” or maybe it was just that the bottle is remarkably phallic, but I knew I had to do some deeper digging. So, here’s the lowdown on NeuroGasm! The drink is manufactured by NeuroDrinks, a company that claims to:

“offer consumers an alternative to products that perpetuate our self-medicating caffeine-dependent society. Designed to sustain and enhance your active lifestyle with natural ingredients, each beverage is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals at dosages backed by scientific research. Continue Reading →

Obama Endorsed Gay Marriage…So What?

This afternoon I received a phone call from my father in which he asked me, his voice oozing excitement, if I had heard what the president said. “Yeah, Obama endorsed gay marriage, right?” Apparently my nonchalance was apparent, as my dad wasn’t satisfied. “Well, what do you think?” Of course he asked me not only as his daughter, but as his queer, activist, blogging daughter, so I knew I had to give him a good answer. Continue Reading →

Toy Review: Smartballs Teneo Silicone Kegel Balls

Thanks again to our affiliates at Good Vibrations, I recently received my very own Silicone Kegel Balls by Teneo. Though these are the first Kegel balls I’ve reviewed, I was really impressed! I wasn’t surprised to hear that the Smartballs won a 2010 award for best product design. The silicone balls come in a variety of colors, and have a sleek, streamlined design…and they kind of look like miniature Death Stars (forgive my nerdy associations). For those of you that aren’t familiar with Kegel balls, here’s a little info:

-They’re used to strengthen the PC muscles in the pelvic floor. Continue Reading →

Toy Review: Fun Factory Share

Thanks to our friends over at Good Vibrations, I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Fun Factory Share double-ended dildo. The Share, like all other Fun Factory products I’ve reviewed, is awesome! It comes with that handy little informational packet that comes with all of their products, giving information on the materials used, safety precautions, and how to best clean your product. The Share comes in 3 sizes, XS, “regular”, and XL. I received the standard Share, which comes in a lovely purple and is about 7″ on the external end and 4″ on the internal end. Continue Reading →