Miss Maggie Mayhem

Miss Maggie Mayhem has worn many sex positive hats over the years. She has six years of experience as an HIV Prevention Specialist proving testing, counseling, and results disclosure as well as street based outreach for at risk youth. She is also a volunteer at the San Francisco Sex Information Hotline offering education and information to callers from around the world. She is also an erotic performer in San Francisco and loves to meet new people and show them new things. Maggie has also just recently returned from Haiti where she was part of the earthquake recovery and is looking for her next chance to go back and pick up her beloved 16lb sledge hammer once again.

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Checking The Box: Gender And Social Networking

Facebook has had a tremendous impact on the way that people use the internet but it has had its own fair share of growing pains. As privacy, data mining, and censorship issues come into debate many people have been eagerly awaiting another option. Although it has been slow in its development, Diaspora has been lauded as a contender in the world of social networking for the changes it promises in the way that user information is stored and used. Out of all the possible critiques of this site as it crawls towards a launch it was interesting to see one blogger abandon the project because it uses an open text field for gender rather than a selection system with limited options. The author summarized his article saying: Continue Reading →

Airing Your Dirty Laundry (And Selling It Too!)

While some of us are turning over couch cushions desperately seeking enough quarters to wash our dirty laundry, others are finding ways to turn theirs into a small business on the web. Those who participate highlight the sense of community and a genuine love for the power of sexy lingerie. Serena (Serena’s Secret; NSFW) has been involved with the panty fetish community for over 5 years. Although currently retired from public sales, Serena is still active in the online panty fetish community. She still moderates the messages boards at My Used Panty Store and Panty Hog (NSFW) and writes two advice columns and keeps her own blog updated with helpful information for those interested in buying or selling panties via the internet. Continue Reading →

How To Take Your Own Boudoir Photographs

Cell phone cameras are ubiquitous and sexting is all the rage, but there will always be something extra sultry about a proper boudoir photo. While many people are more than happy to Tweet their outfit for the evening or share sexy photographs with a partner, a boudoir photo doesn’t have to include anyone but you. Whether you’re looking for a sultry photo to post up on your bathroom mirror or framed in the living room, here are some tips for your own solo photoshoot. Continue Reading →

Get More For Your Pink

October is the month of the Pink Ribbon. Store shelves are overloaded with pink items ranging from everything to small quartz earrings all the way to large pink tractors. Breast cancer is a serious disease and it will claim the lives of over 40,000 women over the course of each year and the combined efforts of all of the pink sales will raise millions of dollars to support breast cancer charities. So why do I still feel suspicious? Continue Reading →

Views From The 2010 Folsom Street Fair

The Folsom Street Fair (NSFW) in San Francisco is a huge event. It is the biggest leather gathering and the 3rd largest single day outdoor event in the world, so it’s the kind of thing you want to get to early if you intend to park within a five mile radius.  On this day, thousands upon thousands of people will dust off their leather harnesses, shine up their latex, and get some very interesting tan lines from the one day of the year it’s pretty much guaranteed to be hot in the normally fog-covered city. Continue Reading →

When To Retire A Sex Toy

There’s nothing quite like a good connection to your favorite sex toy. Whether it’s a vibrator, a dildo, a plug, a ring, or a harness it’s always there for you in the good times and the bad. Even if your beloved toy is like a friend to you, sometimes you have to acknowledge that they’ve given you all the can and it’s time for them to move along to greener pastures. It might be time to say goodbye if: Continue Reading →

Tips On Visiting Your Friendly Local Dungeon

Despite the medieval connotations of the word “dungeon,” most community spaces for BDSM are anything but cold, dark, or uncaring. A dungeon is more often than not a labor of love organized by volunteers hoping to create a safe space for sexual expression that is free from minors, nosy neighbors, or space limitations. As BDSM continues to occupy more time and space in mainstream media and conversation more and more people might find themselves curious about what to expect from a visit to a dungeon. Although every dungeon has its own unique setup and community, there are many things that they share in common. Continue Reading →

Locked! Male Chastity Devices

Medieval Male Chastity

Chastity belts, both male and female, have a wild mythological history allegedly dating back to the times of the Crusades. Although the concept of a chastity belt does appear in Renaissance poetry and literature, all models previously thought to have come from Medieval times have been confirmed as clever fakes designed by the Victorians. It was not until the 19th century that chastity belts made their first truly functional appearance. Continue Reading →