Madeline Haller

Madeline Haller

Madeline Haller is an Assistant Editor for Haller received her bachelor's degree in journalism from Indiana University, with a second concentration in gender studies. When she's not writing for MSP/MH, you can find her running, enjoying a cup of coffee, or searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick.

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A ‘Must-See’ Film: Swinging With The Finkels

Although I have yet to see this film, this is definitely one I am adding to my list. Check out the trailer. I recently viewed this trailer when I was checking out a recent article (via titled ‘An Ode to Vibrators on Film’ [and in case you were unsure - yes, that was Mandy Moore's vibrator making its big-screen debut around 0:45 in the trailer]. The piece highlights some other big screen movies/shows that vibrators have made appearances in, click the link to check them out! Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter@mysexprofessor or make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

Facebook Gets Kinky

A little social media humor to brighten your day:

Has anyone else noticed that Facebook is constantly adding new features and perks to the site? Seriously, one day you’re checking your account like normal and the next the entire layout has completely changed and all these weird little boxes are showing up along the right hand side of the page — suggesting new friends, showcasing old photo albums, etc. Well, one of the more recent changes to the site is that little box that suggests that you “reconnect” with someone that you haven’t spoke with in a while (aka you haven’t written on their wall/poked them/etc in quite some time)… And what do you know! To my delight I found a comic on this morning, sketching out the “future” of this new Facebook feature:

[Warning Zuckerburg, this is merely a joke, don't you dare get any ideas!]



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Free Birth Control Starting August 12th

Exciting news! According to an announcement made by Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary, starting August 12, 2012 new guidelines will require health insurance plans to cover contraception. No co-payment! No co-surance! No deductible! The Affordable Care Act guidelines also cover the following benefits:

well-woman visits;
screening for gestational diabetes;
human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA testing for women 30 years and older;
sexually-transmitted infection counseling (STI screening for high-risk populations are already covered under the Act);
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) screening and counseling;
FDA-approved contraception methods
contraceptive counseling;
breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling;
and domestic violence screening and counseling. Continue Reading →

Genitals In The Wild: Phallic Putt-Putt

The other night my boyfriend and I had some to kill some time, so we decided to head to the local putt-putt course to play a round and hit some balls from their driving range. We get to the fifth hole and as I look around me, I realize that ALL of these hole are constructed in a phallic-manner (in other words, they ALL looked like penises). I point this out to Andy and for the rest of the game, we can’t take anything seriously (which is a bit problematic considering there are families all around playing putt-putt). So I tried to play it cool and snap some photos of the greens; I even labeled where the head/base of the member should be in the photo (as if that wasn’t already clear) - enjoy!  

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USA Today And Their “Handy” Graphics

You’ve heard of the old adage “sex sells” – right? Well maybe that’s what USA Today thought when they ran this “handy” snapshot graphic in their publication. I came across the image yesterday when a friend sent me a link to an article stating, “this seems like your type of humor” (ha – they were correct). Although I find this highly amusing, I just can’t fathom why USA Today would run a graphic that has such underlying phallic imagery to it. Who knows, maybe no one on staff noticed… Continue Reading →

Circumcision: To Snip, Or Not To Snip?

The question many parents ask themselves when they realize they’re having a baby boy: to cut, or not to cut, that is the question. [Well – maybe they don't ask it in Shakespeare-dialect, but you get the picture.]

Yet findings from a recent study may help in swaying some decisions. I recently read an article that was drawing a parallel between circumcision and a lower incidence of penile cancer. Research from the University of Sydney in Australia claims that penile cancer is higher in countries in which circumcision isn’t regularly practiced; and this could be due to the tightness of the foreskin, making it difficult to clean, thus resulting in inflammation (a common cause of penile cancer). According to the piece, another factor attributed to the link between cancer and uncircumcised men is the prevalence of HPV (which has been linked to about half of the uncommonly diagnosed penile cancer). Continue Reading →

Need A Cure For PMS? Got Milk?

I recently came across an article in the New York Times which discussed a new advertising strategy that humorously plays off new studies which have shown that the calcium in milk can assist in reducing the symptoms of PMS.

The campaign is titled “Everything I Do is Wrong” and (according to the article) the “campaign takes the cheeky tack of addressing itself to the men in women’s lives, on the grounds that women are not the only ones affected by premenstrual syndrome.” Personally, I think it’s a clever way to get the word out about the new info. Every month – PMS ruins my mood for at least a week, so I’m all for the new campaign (as well as another way to ease the problems associated with PMS). Spread the word, drink some milk, get a good laugh, and stop PMS — everyone wins! Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter@mysexprofessor or make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

Gonorrhea Gone Bad – and Resistant!

As if there weren’t enough reasons out there to convince you to practice safe sex – add this one to your list: a new strand of gonorrhea-causing bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics is now on the loose. Yikes! This new strain of bacteria was discovered in Kyoto, Japan by scientists and ABC News reports that,  ”the new strain of Neisseria gonorrhoeae has genetically mutated to evade cephalosporins — the only antibiotics still effective against the infection.” Continue Reading →

The Media And Teen Pregnancy

The other night while I was listening to the radio, the DJ began discussing Jenelle Evans’ and her “video sensation” that continues to spread around the Internet. Now at this point, you may be thinking (besides, who is Jenelle Evans?), “Internet video sensation huh? Sounds kinda’ sexy.” Yet I hate to break it to you MSP-readers, this is far from sexy. Jenelle Evans’ video was not some sultry sex tape that leaked onto the Internet; Jenelle Evans’ video was of  herself (a former reality TV star from MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and its spin off, “Teen Mom 2″) getting into a fight with another teenager – literally mounting her and repetitively punching her in the face. Continue Reading →

Ladies, Embrace Your Vibrator

The other day I was walking down the isles at Walgreen’s, picking up the usual – hair products, lotion, vitamins, etc. – and what do I stumble upon in the store?! Vibrators. That’s right, you heard me correctly – vibrators. Tucked in right between a neck massager and some neat device that is used to heat up oils in order to make your room smell nice. Continue Reading →