Madeline Haller

Madeline Haller

Madeline Haller is an Assistant Editor for Haller received her bachelor's degree in journalism from Indiana University, with a second concentration in gender studies. When she's not writing for MSP/MH, you can find her running, enjoying a cup of coffee, or searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick.

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The Ultimate Way to Rise and Shine

Waking up in the a.m. may not be your favorite thing to do when the sunlight comes pouring through your windows. But if it’s something you truly dread, it may be time to upgrade the way you roll out of bed. But how on earth can you make waking up more enjoyable? (Glad you asked!) You may be the perfect candidate for the ‘Little Rooster’—the half vibrator, half alarm clock device that fits right inside of your panties (totally not kidding). Continue Reading →

Liking Sex Doesn’t Make You a Slut

That’s right ladies, you read me correctly: You can still be crazy about sex and have a good reputation. I know this may seem like a huge shocker—but after reading Chris Jones’ latest piece in Esquire (titled, Ladies: You’re Not as Good as You Think), I feel so much more enlightened on how to be good in bed—I feel as if I could teach a college course on it. So to share my newfound knowledge on what makes women the ultimate hook-up , let me give you the breakdown on the top five lessons I learned from CJ. Continue Reading →

Your Man Reminder

Worried about breast cancer? TLC is a great way to help detect it early. But what exactly is TLC? Watch this video and learn. I stumbled upon this lovely video earlier this week and was smitten when I realized it wasn’t a joke (as in, those apps really exist!). So remember, if you’re worried about breast cancer, follow Anthony’s (the cute blonde from the video) advice:

TOUCH your breasts. Continue Reading →

Bald Is Just As Beautiful As Blonde

Over the past few days, a new campaign has been spreading like wildfire over the Internet — and that campaign is for the creation of ’Bald Barbie’.  The movement began less than a month ago, when two friends decided to make a Facebook page in order to catch Mattel’s attention (the maker of Barbie), in hopes that they would consider making the toy. The “Beautiful and Bald Barbie” Facebook page reads:
We would like to see a Beautiful and Bald Barbie made to help young girls who suffer from hair loss due to cancer treatments, Alopecia or Trichotillomania . Also, for young girls who are having trouble coping with their mother’s hair loss from chemo. Many children have some difficulty accepting their mother, sister, aunt, grandparent or friend going from a long haired to a bald. Continue Reading →

Genitals In The Wild: the UK Edition

Back in October of 2011, I took my first trip overseas to the United Kingdom. Yet it wasn’t until recent (when I read Jeana’s post about the Torre Agbar’s phallic resemblance) that I remember that I snapped this photo! It was Jeann’s description of the “cucumber-like tower” in Barcelona that instantly reminded me of this photo (and why I even snapped it in the first place… HELLO — phallic architecture). We were on a ferry from London to Greenwich, and as we passed this bit of skyline — I knew exactly where this would come in handy (punny, yes?). Continue Reading →

Things That Should Disappear In 2012

Recently my sister posted this video to my Facebook page—and although my initial reaction was to laugh—after watching it a few times (and yes, I probably watched it about 4 times), all I could think was, “Is THIS really what we consider entertainment?” Now I’m assuming that most people can see EXACTLY what is wrong with this picture. But for the sake of this post—I’ll give you the break down. Continue Reading →

What’s Considered “Too Sexy” For Print?

This week in bizarre news: A high school senior from Colorado may take her school to court because they refused to include her senior portrait in the yearbook. But why is her photo not yearbook-worthy? Apparently Durango High School claims that the photo of Miki Spies is too sexy for a school publication. The picture that Spies submitted for the book shows her sporting a yellow skirt and a black bandeau/shawl top that exposes her midriff and back (see image at right). Thus far, there are basically two compelling points that are being made. Continue Reading →

The Pros And Cons Of The .XXX Domain


The .XXX domain is here. For some, the official grand opening of the domain was the perfect way to kick off the month of December (Christmas came early for the adult entertainment industry – yes?). For others, the debut was a panic-filled race against the clock, hoping to snatch up any domain names in order to secure one’s identity/reputation. When I first heard of the news, I thought that the creation of the .XXX domain sounded like a wonderful idea. In my eyes, it could serve as a unique touch to a website – differentiating your adult site from the rest of the crowd. Continue Reading →