Holly Moyseenko

Holly Moyseenko is a sex educator living in Ohio. She is an advocate of positive and healthy sexuality. Holly currently works for a non-profit health organization as a health educator, and also teaches workshops that focus on many topics within the realm of healthy sexuality. In her spare time, she also is an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, gardens, reads anything within reach, drinks copious amounts of tea, and naps with her two dogs.

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Ten Foot Dork

I came across a chart comparing penis sizes on Tumblr, and thought it was worth sharing. Now, this isn’t the typical penis size comparison chart that I was expecting (comparing penis size in different countries), but instead compares the average penis size among different animals, including humans. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the original source (if you know it, please comment and let me know! One blog credits I Love Charts, but I couldn’t find it on their site). I found the chart a little terrifying – I mean, a whale penis is about ten feet in length and one foot in diameter! Continue Reading →

Your Period: Interesting Facts and Word Origins

Random facts interest me (it’s part of why I adore the magazine Mental Floss), so a list of 68 facts about menstruation is totally up my alley. I especially appreciate that the list includes citation for all of the facts given. While not all women have periods (and not all women have vaginas), the eighth fact on the list is that women who live in modern industrialized places will have, on average, 450 menstrual cycles in her life time – which I would have never guessed. And, women in prehistoric times only had around 50 periods (this is courtesy of Vaginas: An Owner’s Manual). Those who know me well, know that I love hearing about the origins of words. Continue Reading →

Need Help Teaching Sex Ed?

Talking about sex can be difficult enough – so what do you do if you want to teach sex ed? For some teacher friends of mine, they were given the responsibility of teaching sex ed, but no manual or curriculum (in fact, one friend was told to “just figure it out”). Understandably, this can be overwhelming. In order to make sex education easier for teachers to deliver, the UK’s National Children’s Bureau (NCB) provides  a number of resources for educators. While the NCB is based in the UK, the links and information that they provide is invaluable and likely to be helpful regardless of where you are teaching. Continue Reading →

How Do You Describe Your Gender Identity?

Gender identity is always interesting to me, especially as I don’t view the options as only “male” or “female.” While I do appear female, I like to think of my own gender identity as a bit more fluid. So when I saw some You Tube videos that talked about gender identity, I had even more food for thought. Seeing how different individuals identify gives me a chance to actively reflect on how I see my own gender identity – and how it’s not always male or female. The video I linked to shows 18 Turkish trans activists. Continue Reading →

Use Your iPhone To Find Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

I’ve had an Android for most of this year, and I absolutely love finding new apps for it (I wrote about one to help with PTSD, but I also love Priceline’s Negotiator and Craig’s List). I love that I can use my phone to look at penguins being fed at the California Academy of Sciences (it’s called Pocket Penguins, in case you need a daily dose of adorable) as well as do practical things like refill medications. So, when I heard about an app that helps with seeking out gender neutral bathrooms, I was naturally interested. Despite the fact that I come from a tech-literate family and I’ve always had a computer, I am still frequently impressed by technology and this app is no exception. TransSquat is currently only available for iPhones (it’s $2.99), and uses GPS to find gender neutral bathrooms. Users can also add gender neutral bathrooms so other users can find them. Continue Reading →

Helping PTSD With Your Phone

I recently read about a brand new app called PTSD Coach and even downloaded it for myself. While PTSD Coach is offered (for free!) from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, I can see it being helpful for anyone dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), including survivors of sexual assault. As the app notes, it is not meant to replace professional care, so if you think you are dealing with PTSD, I encourage you to seek help. I do like that you can use the app any time that you have your phone with you (which if you’re me, it might as well be attached to you). That flexibility ensures that anyone who uses it isn’t limited to an appointment time. Continue Reading →

Can Porn Cause Headaches?

I recently found an article about a man who gets severe headaches from watching porn. Now, some people get headaches post-orgasm, whether porn was involved or not, so I was intrigued. The man in question is 24 years old, and typically when he has been watching pornography for 8-10 minutes he gets a headache so severe, he needs to stop watching. In this man’s case, it is speculated that his headaches are, “caused by changes in the pain-sensing nerves in the face and jaw, along with increased pain sensitivity due to ‘a heightened emotional state associated with viewing pornography.’” The article also states that there is still much that is unknown about headaches that occur with sex. The cure for the man in the article? Continue Reading →

Black Market Birth Control

I was reading an article on xoJane and it featured a young woman who was broke – as I’m sure many people feel right now. I’ve had friends who have mentioned changing birth control methods due to price or having to choose between groceries and paying for their birth control. However, the woman mentioned to her hair stylist that she was feeling a bit too broke to possibly afford her birth control and the stylist had the “perfect” answer – just buy her Nuva Ring from a woman’s car trunk. At this point, I sat on my couch slack-jawed just waiting for some popular music celebrity I don’t know to jump out and yell “You’ve been punked!” Except that didn’t happen. Continue Reading →

This Bed’s For You

Do you prefer having the bed to yourself or do you like to share? Despite having a queen size bed, I often find that my two (not large!) dogs take over. I recently read an article from the Wall Street Journal about whether it’s better to share the bed with a partner or not. While the research that the article mentions is focused on heterosexual couples, I believe that it works for all individuals regardless of sexual orientation. In general, they say that sharing a bed has some major benefits (aside from having your own personal space heater). Continue Reading →

Love (And Marry?) Yourself First

Growing up, my mom always told me that I couldn’t expect someone to love me until I truly loved myself. I’m sure lots of other people heard similar things from their parents. If you heard that, and were anything like me, you probably nodded and went “Yeah, yeah, sure thing” and didn’t really pay it a lot of attention. However, I’ve found that, at least for me, it really is true that you need to love yourself first. A friend of mine even posed the statement as a question, and asked if me if I would be friends with myself if I met myself on the street. Continue Reading →