Holly Moyseenko

Holly Moyseenko is a sex educator living in Ohio. She is an advocate of positive and healthy sexuality. Holly currently works for a non-profit health organization as a health educator, and also teaches workshops that focus on many topics within the realm of healthy sexuality. In her spare time, she also is an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, gardens, reads anything within reach, drinks copious amounts of tea, and naps with her two dogs.

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Buttplug Of The Month Club!

It seems like in the past few years, monthly subscription clubs have increased in popularity. While I’d heard of wine, beer, cheese, bacon, and cosmetic monthly boxes, I thought a friend was making it up when she emailed me a link to the Buttplug of the Month club. It turns out that it is real. Also, I was actually pretty intrigued by the concept. I’d read about one other sex toy of the month club, and my only hesitation is that sex toys seem to be so personal. Continue Reading →

What To Eat Before Sex

I read an article from Cosmopolitan on “8 Foods To Avoid Before Sex”, and while I agree that some of the foods may not make you feel at your sexiest I think people should eat what makes them feel sexy. Food is tasty – so try out a variety of foods and figure out what makes you feel your best. Most of the foods on Cosmo’s avoid list are there because they can cause bloating (such as beans and broccoli). Cheese made it on to the list, which reminded me of a good friend who is lactose intolerant. If she pops a Lactaid before she enjoys some dairy, she is perfectly fine – no bloating or other stomach distress. Continue Reading →

Nurturing Sex Geeks

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One of the things I’ve read that has been the most beneficial to me as a sex educator has been Bill Taverner’s article “Tips for Emerging Sexology Professionals: Networking and Nurturing.” While this article about the importance of networking and nurturing among sexology professionals is from 2006, I still think it’s extremely relevant. Lots of my friends have been discussing New Year’s Resolutions, and I am aiming to put more effort into sex education. I’m still somewhat new to the field, and it can be extremely difficult to make a living doing this (no one gets into this for the money), as can breaking into the sex education field at all. There are definitely some amazing and supportive individuals in this field (I count everyone that writes for My Sex Professor among them), but I’ve also encountered some less than helpful individuals. Continue Reading →

Way To (Not) Go, Ohio

photo courtesy of Ben at Lifehacksimmediately
In general, I love Ohio. I’ve mentioned before that I am also a huge fan of Cleveland, so my only consolation with this story is that it’s from another city in Ohio. A dry cleaner in Cincinnati has decided to share their opinions regarding abortion via their hangers. RH Reality Check refers to Springdale Drycleaners’ hangers as the “worst marketing decision ever,” and I have to agree that it’s not the best choice. The paper covering the hanger includes a picture of a smiling child, and the words “choose life!” Continue Reading →

Peaceful Pee

This is a first, at least in my experience – not only have I found a gender neutral bathroom but it’s also sponsored! I’m at the Center for Family Life Education’s annual Sex Ed Conference, and attendees have the option of bucking the gender binary and using the gender neutral restroom sponsored by Pee in Peace. Pee in Peace is an app that helps users locate gender neutral bathrooms, although it unfortunately is only for Ithaca, NY. I’m hoping that more gender neutral bathrooms will start popping up – and maybe with enough attention, Pee in Peace will expand to nationwide. Any thoughts on sponsoring bathrooms? Continue Reading →

Changing My Body Image

I’m not someone who hates the way that they look, but I can’t say that I love my body most days. I’m slowly getting better about it, and the main thing that changed was living with people who are immensely comfortable in their own bodies. My friends don’t have the so-called “perfect” bodies, but none of them seemed the slightest bit fazed by this. Further, they tend to be more comfortable wearing less. As someone who is rarely comfortable being minimally clothed or naked in front of others, it definitely took some getting used to living with people who truly live for less is more (at least when it comes to clothing). Continue Reading →

Kissing As Protest

two women kissing

Kissing is one of my favorite things ever. A good make out session can make me feel like a giggly teenager, with butterflies in my stomach and a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Kissing can have lots of positive effects, but I hadn’t ever thought of using kissing as a form of protest. Sure, I’ve heard of sit-ins, but a kiss-in? My friend Kelli sent me a link to an article about people participating in same sex kiss-ins to protest Chick-Fil-A. Continue Reading →

We Don’t Care Who’s On Top in New Zealand

I recently came across a marriage billboard that is currently in New Zealand, and really enjoyed it so I thought I’d share it here. The website I found it on (Pundit Kitchen) says that it is considered controversial there. Regardless, I think it is a well done ad, although one of the posters has already been torn down. The billboard reminds me of when a friend of mine got married (she identifies as female and got married to another woman), and countless people asked me who the bride was. They were both brides and if you’re wondering, yes, they both wore wedding dresses (and looked beautiful). Continue Reading →

Anticipation Can Impair You

A study I recently read in the Archives of Sexual Behavior shows that men who thought they were interacting with a woman on a computer or even just anticipated interacting with a woman experienced cognitive impairment. The study, aptly titled “The Mere Anticipation of Interaction With a Woman Can Impair Men’s Cognitive Performance,” focused just on heterosexual individuals and did not find the same impairment with heterosexual women. In the study, the researchers found that the heterosexual males focused on trying to make a good impression when they thought they were communicating with a woman. They used a computer, but think that the results would also be applicable for phone calls and I’m curious if it would also apply to texting. I think that this study is interesting because it’s not about actually interacting with someone, but just even thinking about it. Continue Reading →

Trans Info For Medical Providers

I have several friends who are medical professionals, as well as a few friends who work as patient instructors. They teach nursing, nurse practitioner, and medical students how to give medical exams by playing the role of a patient. For three of my friends this means that they may get multiple pelvic exams in one evening so that the students learn how to do an exam as well as how to act. Bedside manner is important, after all. Running across information on a new site called TransLine was interesting, and I sent a link to several of my medical professional friends. Continue Reading →