Holly Moyseenko

Holly Moyseenko is a sex educator living in Ohio. She is an advocate of positive and healthy sexuality. Holly currently works for a non-profit health organization as a health educator, and also teaches workshops that focus on many topics within the realm of healthy sexuality. In her spare time, she also is an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, gardens, reads anything within reach, drinks copious amounts of tea, and naps with her two dogs.

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Body Image And Barbie

Growing up, I had plenty of Barbies. I had Barbie, her sister Skipper, friend Kira, and of course, boyfriend Ken. I loved my dolls, and took good care of them. I was always a little confused about Barbie’s feet as they were constantly pointed, ready for some stiletto heels. I don’t think that Barbie dolls are necessarily the best toy for young girls, especially if one is considering how body image factors into it. Continue Reading →

Sex Ed Isn’t In Text Books?

The past few weeks I have been greatly enjoying the tv series “How Sex Changed The World” (it’s on the History Channel’s sibling station H2). According to History’s website, the series is about one of the necessary things to survival; “powerful need that has transformed history, silently steering us at every turn… sex.  HOW SEX CHANGED THE WORLD spans thousands of years and sheds light on how sex has changed history.” In two sentences, they have made it possible for my history nerd friends to not only get along with, but have several conversations with my sex geek friends. courtesy of H2

While I do think if you are interested in sex and history this is worthy of watching, I have one contention with the program. During the voice over that begins each episode, they mention how interesting and unique this is, especially because these are “the stories you won’t find in textbooks.” Continue Reading →

Love, On Opposite Schedules

Something that’s been on my mind lately is how to keep a relationship when you have an opposite schedule from your partner’s. I think relationships of any kind involve work, and can be difficult at times – so opposite or overlapping schedules may not be any more difficult than any other relationship, but might just require different strategies. As someone who has a schedule that tends to be opposite from my partner’s, we face our own set of challenges, but here’s my tips of what works for us. 1. Make sure to set aside time for each other. Continue Reading →

A Happy Trans* Story

It seems like everyone I know has been going through some stressful times lately, myself included. When I’m feeling sad, pictures of puppies tend to cheer me up, as well as some uplifting stories. If an uplifting story is what you need, I’ve got one for you! When a transgender member (Donnie Collins) of a fraternity in Boston required top surgery, the brothers decided to band together and raise the funds on the website indiegogo. The brothers haven’t listed their fraternity, and explain “We are doing this as individuals in an organization rallying around another individual. Continue Reading →

Would You Try Vaginal Steaming?

A friend of mine recently asked me my opinion on vaginal steaming. At first I assumed that I mis-heard her. I mean, I’ve heard of facial steaming or steaming vegetables, but vaginal? Turns out, it’s a thing that has been around for some time, especially in Korea. The article explains that vaginal steaming isn’t purely cosmetic and some claim that it can “reduce stress, fight infections, clear hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycles and aid infertility, among many other health benefits.” My friend’s gynecologist mentioned it to her while she is undergoing fertility treatments (please note that I’m not suggesting this may or may not work, and this isn’t medical advice; if you are debating giving vaginal steaming a shot, run it past your own doctor). Continue Reading →

Breaking News: Disabled People Have Sex

It’s common knowledge that many people enjoy sex. Disabled people are people. So, shouldn’t logic follow that most disabled people enjoy sex? I’ve gone to many talks at conferences that cover that very topic, and I’m always a little surprised that it’s breaking news to many that people of all different abilities enjoy sex. I recently read about a campaign in the UK called “Undressing Disability” and I would love to see something similar in America. Continue Reading →

Are You Aware Of The Clitoris?

Welcome to International Clitoris Awareness Week! This is the first year that the clitoris has its own week, and is celebrated May 6-12, according to the Huffington Post. While I agree that the clitoris is an amazing body part and deserves more than a little celebration, I had no idea that it had its own week. Clitoraid, an organization that aids survivors of female genital mutilation, came up with the idea and is sponsoring the week. Clitoraid’s spokeswoman Nadine Gary noticed that often talking about clitoris makes people uncomfortable and “whenever something has an ‘awareness day’ it makes it more comfortable to talk about” and I absolutely agree. Continue Reading →

O-H-I-No! – Limits to Sex Ed in Ohio’s Schools

I’ve mentioned here before that I live in Ohio, and have a decent amount of pride for my chosen state (and especially the city that I live in). Living in Ohio can be a constant test, whether it’s experiencing a whole season in the matter of days or dealing with living in a state that is not a fan of comprehensive sexuality education. Each semester, I have a minimum of three students who tell me that they wish they had received adequate sexuality education before now (these are college students, typically juniors and seniors). I have students who tell me that they believe they wouldn’t have been pregnant or have dealt with a sexually transmitted infection, etc. While on one hand I’m glad that my students seem to enjoy and learn in my classroom, I do wish that medically accurate and age appropriate sexuality education was more readily available. Continue Reading →

Act Less Gay For A Better Life?

An article I read recently hit a nerve. Apparently some teachers are telling kids that are being bullied that they need to act less gay. While this article is from England, I think that it is applicable for almost anywhere. The article from the London Evening Standard acknowledges that some children are teased for their sexuality, and I not only see this happen in college environments daily, but also witnessed it in my junior high and high school. A friend of mine actually started an organization, Write Your Principal, partially due to the bullying that LGBTQIQ students have had to face and also due to her own experiences. Continue Reading →

The 501 Day Date

Would you want to spend 501 together with your sweetie? Most couples spend lots of time together, but how often do you even spend seven days completely together? According to an article on CNET, a “wealthy space tourist” is hoping to send a man and woman couple (what if there was an equally prepared gay couple?) on a 501 day trip to Mars. The flight is described as “bare bones” so don’t expect a mint on your pillow each night, if you’re considering applying. Author Homer Hickham, is quoted in the article as stating, “A married couple in a bathroom for 501 days? Continue Reading →