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Garnet Joyce

Queer sex educator starting a new adventure with her wife and two cats.

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New Theme Song: I Just Had Sex (VIDEO)

I Just Had Sex – Video NSFW

I have a feeling this song is going to be my new theme song right after I’ve had a fulfilling night of hot sex. I know the song is a satire, but I think we should have more celebratory songs for just getting laid. (via Fleshbot)

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A Gay Tax

Facebook has recently joined the ranks of a very small number of companies reimbursing their partnered GLB employees who receive health insurance benefits for their significant others. You see when heterosexuals get insurance for their spouses the income going towards those benefits is not taxed. But because of DOMA GLB employees are basically paying a tax to be in a same-sex relationship. According to the NY Times’ Tara Siegel Bernard: Continue Reading →

Pet Named After Famous Sex Researcher

The names people choose for their pets often reflect their personality or their interests. Some people (my best friend) name their cats after Star Wars characters. Others name their pets after their literary heroes. My wife named her cat Butch … But I’m a sex educator so you can imagine the route I took with my cat.  No, nothing dirty. Continue Reading →

Gay Porn Studio Fined By Cal/OSHA

Cal/OSHA recently fined gay porn studio Treasure Island Media $21,470 for allegedly putting employees in danger by exposing workers “to semen and other potentially infectious materials.” Treasure Island often makes barebacking porn (sex with no condoms, usually gay men) which carries many risks. I’m curious how this will affect the debate over condom use in straight porn. Thoughts? Continue Reading →

New Blog: Festivus Porn

Festivus, made popular by TV show Seinfeld, is a holiday celebrated on December 23rd in which participants erect an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole, air their grievances, practice feats of strength (wrestling), and labeling easily explained events as Festivus Miracles. The idea is to get away from the whole commercialism thing. In order to get away from awful Christmas themed porn, the Festivus Porn (NSFW) blog was born. Continue Reading →

2011 AVN Awards Nominations

The 2011 AVN Awards Nominations (pdf) are out and you’re more than welcome to comb through all 74 pages of it like I did if you’re a sex toys and porn nerd like me. But if you’re not, or you just have better ways to spend your time, let me just sum it up for you. It’s a lot of the same industry porn as usual with titles that do more than just border on the offensive. But the great news is that we’re seeing more and more independent companies with loftier visions of human sexuality being nominated for awards. With the addition of sex toys and sex toy companies this year we got to see even more of this. Continue Reading →

Love U Parties Shutting Down

Sex toy parties are pretty common things now a days. A group of (usually) women  gather together to giggle and fondle sex toys in the comfort of a friend’s home while a sales person discusses their wares. These are much like candle parties and Tupperware parties, but are usually a lot more fun. There are several companies that do this and they’re mostly pretty similar. The products they sell are usually the same types and qualities and they promise their sales people houses, cars, and big money. Continue Reading →

Sperm Killing Laptops

A new study recently published in the journal Fertility and Sterility studied lap top usage in men and scrotal temperature. It found that even using a laptop for 10-15 minutes raised the temperature of men’s scrotums to an unsafe range for sperm production. Laptop pads placed between the man’s goods and the computer didn’t seem to have much of an effect either. Continue Reading →