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Dating Websites for Everyone

Interested in meeting new people? Tired of the singles bar scene? Dating Websites are a great way to find that special someone. The internet has become a popular way for men and women of all ages, sexual orientations and religions to meet each other.  Many sites have a dating sites directory so you can easily find a person who might share a similar interest whether that’s hiking, going to foodie restaurants, or having friends over for football and beer.   Check it out today! Disclosure: This post was provided by the team at Continue Reading →

Use Dating Sites to Meet People

Free Dating Sites

Free dating sites are used by men and women all over the world to help find a good match for them. This is in addition to trying to meet people through friends, through work and at community events related to hobbies and interests. The internet is an increasingly popular way for men and women, regardless of their age, sexual orientation or religion, to meet each other. Singlesnet is one such free dating site to check out in your quest to find someone to date… or marry. Continue Reading →

Confidential HIV and STD Testing

It’s no secret that most people prefer to keep their sex life just that, a secret. With the way STD TESTING and HIV TESTING are traditionally done, it can be almost impossible to do so. But did you know that you can get an STD TEST and HIV TEST done confidentially? allows you to get tested quickly and with no attachment to your medical records. Their on-staff physician can even prescribe treatment for a positive result. Keep your sex life private by visiting today. Continue Reading →

Sex Toy Review: The Aneros Prostate Toy

Wow, was I nervous when I got the Aneros in the mail.  First of all, it is one of the first sex toys I had ever had the pleasure of owning.  Second, not only was I going to use a prostate toy for the first time, I was also going to write about the experience and post it on the Internet.  Yikes! However, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use and how comfortable I felt afterwards with the whole encounter.  I would recommend the Aneros to new and seasoned P-spot finders alike.  In terms of recent blockbusters, the experience with it was more “Inception” than “The Expendables” – it wasn’t as intense as expected, but left me thinking about it for many days after. Continue Reading →

How To Take My Clothes Off

When Debby proposed a fashion week for MSP, I immediately thought back to the magazines tucked away in my parent’s garage, and a particular article in one of my favorite magazines.  You see, back in the early 00′s (the naughts if you’re nasty),, the online community for thoughtful hedonists, had the gall to try and start a print magazine.  These artfully done issues had sexy stories and pictures, which made for a wonderfully erotic read.  However, their insistence on running sex-positive and feminist images and stories made it look woefully out of place next to the other porn mags, so the print version of the website was stopped after a scant six issues. Continue Reading →

Dr. Dating Offers Dating Advice & Ideas

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Many people struggle with dating and relationships, feeling time and again that they’ve been let down. Whether you’re looking for someone new to date, trying to impress your partner or mining the Internet for romantic honeymoon ideas, Dr. Dating has dating advice for you. Unlike many dating sites, Dr. Dating features personals, articles related to dating dilemmas, good (and terrible) pickup lines, seduction ideas, honeymoon destinations and ways to connect you to all the major online personals and dating sites. Ready to improve your chances at love? Visit for more information. Continue Reading →