Dr. Debby Herbenick

Dr. Debby Herbenick

Dr. Debby Herbenick is a sex researcher at Indiana University, sexual health educator at The Kinsey Institute, columnist, and author of five books about sex and love. Learn more about her work at www.sexualhealth.indiana.edu.

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How to make a Long Term Relationship Work

Last week we talked about how to make the sometimes angst-ridden friends with benefits relationships work. This week, it’s all about the long haul. When you’ve finally found that certain someone who you want to be with forever and ever, how do you move past the let’s-gaze-at-shooting star stage to something more lasting? Though every relationship is unique – and some need more attention than others – here are 5 tips toward a good start (or a mid-range jump-start) on long term love. Continue Reading →

Four tips for better woman on top sex position fun

Woman on top is one of the most commonly chosen sexual intercourse positions in many Western countries and yet it is also one of the more challenging sex positions for couples. Many women and men are unsure what to do once the woman gets on top and some men find that it is difficult to maintain their erection in woman on top. Couples may benefit from exploring different ways of “doing” woman on top. Here are four suggestions for woman on top sex: Continue Reading →

In Japan, Love hotel business goes boom boom boom

According to a CNN article about love hotels, business for “love hotels” has been doing just fine in spite of a downward economy. What’s a love hotel, you ask? Well, in a country cramped for space and privacy, couples can rent rooms for even just a few hours to go and make love/have sex. Love hotels are often wildly decorated like mini adult theme parks so that couples can play doctor/patient, go around on a merry go round, or engage in teacher/student games. Check out love hotel photos in this Wired article. Continue Reading →

This morning’s Takeaway with John Hockenberry and Audacia Ray

This morning I had the pleasure of being a guest on John Hockenberry’s radio show, The Takeaway, along with Audacia Ray, autor of Naked on the Internet. You can learn more about the segment, in which we discussed sexual issues related to the recent events involving Gov. Sanford, on the Takeaway’s web site. John Hockenberry is one of my personal heroes, so it was quite a treat for me to be asked to be on his show. Continue Reading →

How to make Friends with Benefits work

If you’ve ever wondered if you could have your friendship cake and eat it too, this article is for you. After all, as terrific as friends with benefits (FWB) relationships may sound on the surface, they’re sometimes riled in chaos, or they at least have the potential to be if not done with care. Here are five tips to make your FWB work for you: Continue Reading →