This Week on MSP: Sex and Language

For the first week of August, MSP will be featuring posts under the umbrella of “Sex and Language.” I’ve been thinking a lot lately (well, always really) about how language interrelates with sexuality. Whether it’s about the etymology of sex words, or the importance of linguistic precision in relationships, there’s always something that connects the two. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of discussion online about this commercial for pantyliners which (gasp!) uses the words “vagina” and “discharge.” The words we use around sex can be powerful, controversial, and ideally, make our lives more wonderful.

I hope you enjoy this week’s theme!

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Kate McCombs

Kate McCombs, MPH is a NYC-based sex educator + blogger. She's the founder of Sex Geekdom, a global community for sex educators, researchers, and other folks who love having geeky conversations about sex.