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I’ve always loved fashion even though, since moving to Indiana, I rarely take the opportunity to express this side of myself as fashion doesn’t seem to be much of a “thing” here (this turns out to be better for my bank account). However, the various fashion shows and fashion weeks – including New York Fashion Week – remind me of the larger world out there that’s interested in some aspect of fashion.

I appreciate fashion not only because it is a creative outlet for some individuals to get lost in or with which they can express themselves but also because the use of fashion can help people to better identify themselves, to transform themselves, to experiment, or to try on new identities. The intersections of sex and fashion, then, are of particular interest to me. Perhaps you have a certain item of clothing (a bra, button-down shirt, t-shirt, pair of jeans, lingerie, chaps, panties, leather jacket) that helps you to feel sexy or desirable when you wear it. Or maybe you’re one of those people who feels sexiest when you’ve tossed your clothes aside and exist only in the skin you were born in. You might even feel particularly aroused when you see a type of shoe, underwear or other type of clothing. Or you might be intrigued by the the fashion of other cultures, or time periods, and how people ever had sex or made out while wearing hoop skirts, Union suits, or suits of shining armor.

This week we’ll be examining the intersections of sex and fashion for our first of many theme weeks. You’ll find non-fashion related articles, too, but unlike most weeks, you’ll also find a common thread (pun not intended). During MySexProfessor’s Sex and Fashion Week, you’ll find articles about proper bra fittings, male chastity belts, femme style, gender bending clothes, the male Speedo, among other articles. You’re nearly guaranteed to learn something new this week (I certainly did!).

Best wishes for a wonderful week ahead.



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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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  • anonymoose

    I have noticed in the last 3 years that women’s fashion magazines sneak in more and more upper body nudity in the photo shoots, which I love. And Lara Stone is fully nude (vulva exposed) in Industrie Magazine Issue #1 and the latest Interview Magazine with Blake Lively on the cover.

    I like ‘fashion nudity’ because it is prettier than artistic nudity and less in your face than porn nudity. Some of the photo shoots with the fashion and the lighting are amazing.

  • anonymoose

    Oh, and you should post more fashion photos because this one looks very nice.