Weiner Flowchart

Anthony Weiner is just one more “celebrity” who had pictures of his naughty bits end up where he didn’t want them. While part of me does feel bad for people in this situation (hey, they are people too), I can’t help but wonder how much easier their lives would be if they didn’t text, email, videotape, etc themselves (or with their partners). Luckily, Good made up a simple and easy to follow flowchart to help anyone understand if it is okay to tweet a picture of their penis. I suggest many celebrities print this chart out, and refer to it on a regular basis.

Image from Good

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Holly Moyseenko is a sex educator living in Ohio. She is an advocate of positive and healthy sexuality. Holly currently works for a non-profit health organization as a health educator, and also teaches workshops that focus on many topics within the realm of healthy sexuality. In her spare time, she also is an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, gardens, reads anything within reach, drinks copious amounts of tea, and naps with her two dogs.

  • AGuest

    I’m am really curious as to why he cheated on his wive?  What were the dynamics or the lack there of in their relationship?  Or was it just a case of a stable, religiously devout and faithful woman marrying a cheater and nothing in their relationship could have stopped him.

  • Hog

    The only people who know if his actions were “cheating” are him and her. They agree, just like all married couples should, on what is allowed for each partner. Sometimes freedom to have a few conversations with a stranger is what it takes to keep things exciting. Maybe Huma is too busy to comment on all this because she is having mind-blowing sex with her husband because all this scandal is super-hot for her.  

  • http://profiles.google.com/hmoyseenko Holly Moyseenko-Kossover

    As Hog mentioned, only he and the partner know if it was “cheating”. I’m not even sure if his wife may know for sure.