So Much For “Boobies Wanted” In Maine

With a heavy heart, I come to post about the closing of a coffee shop in Maine. Mind you, this was not just your average cup of joe, but the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop offered a little less than most other coffee shops. For a $5 door fee and $3 per cup of coffee (the article says that subsequent cups are $6, which I don’t quite follow), you got coffee and a topless server, according to an article in The Morning Sentinel. The original Grand View Topless Coffee Shop was housed in a former hotel, but a man is being charged with arson (supposedly the ex-boyfriend of a waitress), so it moved shop to trailer on the property where the new coffee store was to be built. It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the owner, Donald Crabtree, as the city has not been too pleased with his signs set up attempting to raise funds via a topless car wash or even just signs saying “Boobies Wanted.” While I can see this attracting controversy, is it any more controversial than, say, a strip club?

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