Sex Pistol Ice Cream Pleases Londoners’ Loins?

sex pistol ice cream cocktail from selfridges in london

Oh, Selfridges. As a young teenager, I so enjoyed buying clothes at your store, knowing that no other girls in my school back in the US would have the same ones. London was magical, mystical and you (and okay, your “junior” version, Miss Selfridges – I was quite young) and Harrod’s and little Church Street shops, not to mention the Sock Shop, delighted me. And now, in my adult life, you tantalize me not with clothes but with a sex-themed ice cream drink? Oh, the slow backward slide of innocence.

It seems that Selfridges is going to be serving The Sex Pistol (though one report refers to it as a “Viagra ice cream”, it is by no means such a thing). It is, however, an ice cream cocktail that is packed with supposed “libido enhancing” ingredients (that, by the way, have not been shown to have much of an effect on a person’s libido, erections, arousal, etc but that’s another story). It’s said to be available only to adult customers who are 18 and over and at a steep price of £11.99. Yikes.

The thing is, if people believe it will help to boost their libido, it might. Also, the drink has absinthe in it so at the very least it may lower people’s inhibitions. Being more of a wine drinker myself – not to mention, nowhere near London these days – I’ll sit on the sidelines and watch with curiosity. Plus, I prefer vanilla bean ice cream, olive oil or salted caramel ice cream (from one of my favorite restaurants, Marmalade), or pumpkin ice cream (from one of my favorite home made shops, Blu Boy) anyway.

If anyone’s in London and happens to try it, let me know what you think, will you? That is, if you can tear yourself away from its powerful clutches long enough to write. (I jest.)

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