Sex Education Museum for Children

I’m not a Black Friday shopper type and let’s face it, the online Apple sale leaves much to be desired. So let’s turn to sex, shall we?

I can’t quite figure out where this supposed sex education museum or exhibit for children lives in the universe, but it fascinates me (see below video). Does anyone know? I couldn’t find it via Google.

However, I did find this sex education museum in Korea (see photo below) which I also find interesting as it provides information about pregnancy, birth, contraception, preventing sexual abuse and pubertal changes. Before I started studying human sexuality, much of my work related to child development. Children learn at very early ages about differences between boys and girls in terms of their bodies, how they dress and what they like to do. There are also, of course, many similarities between boys and girls that we could probably do a better job of pointing out to kids so that fewer kids grow up to think that members of the other sex are members of an alien nation. On this point, I think the book “It’s Not the Stork: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Family and Friends” does a nice job of helping kids to learn about their bodies, feelings and likes while helping them to feel more similar to their friends than different.

sex education museum for children in korea that teaches about pregnancy and birth

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