Lesbian Retro IXFF

The other night I attended Lesbo Retro Night as a part of the Good Vibrations’ Indie Erotic Film Fest (IXFF) and let me tell you, this porno girl was in porno heaven.

The evening consisted of complimentary pizza and beer and a clip show from the fabulous Shar Rednour and Jackie Strano of S.I.R. Productions. We were treated to clips of lesbian porn made for and by lesbians starting in the 1970s and working up through 2001. Some was completely ridiculous and the audience laughed along with the filmmakers; some of it was panty dropping hot and the audience responded with cat calls. There was a definite buzz of excitement and shared experience going on in the audience last night.

The evening unfortunately started with some technical difficulties, but the events coordinator at Good Vibes came through and held a power jack into it’s receiver all night long. What a trooper!

After the clips and entertaining commentary provided by Jackie and Shar there was a Q&A session and then we were all treated to some amazingly hot burlesque by one of the performers from a clip that was shown.

The night was only made better by the fact that there were several historic pornographers in the audience as well as a couple from the new generation of queer porn. I spent the whole night being star struck and I probably turned bright red when Jiz Lee sat on the floor next to my chair and rubbed on my leg.

I’m really looking forward to tonight’s big screening and vote at the Castro Theater!

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