Leaked: Lohan’s Playboy Cover

Quick poll:I’d love to know who is/is not in favor of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover.

Online Screen Grab

Apparently the Lohan-cover debut was suppose to be next week, yet somehow the shot was leaked to the web nearly a week early.

Typically I am not one to jump aboard the Lohan gossip train, but when I overheard people classifying her as “the modern day Darine Stern” – I simply had to put my foot down.

Yes, back in the day when she was healthy (and preferably not a blond), I could definitely see how Lohan could be considered a knockout. But to put her (especially her in present day) in the same category as Darine Stern, the first African-American model to ever grace the front of the magazine, that just seems crazy.

Stern’s 1971 October cover made a statement. To me, it screams empowerment. Lohan’s nude spread on the other hand, all that screams is: If you’re rich and famous, you can be chosen as the Playboy cover model just hours after you get released from jail!

What are your thoughts?

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  • anonymoose

    My thoughts are that Playboy sucks ass.  They PhotoShop their photos to death and woman can only be in it is the breasts are large as this is what Hugh is about.  Plastic women with large breasts.  Lindsay should be in a real porn magazine.