Introducing New MSP Blogger: Miss Maggie Mayhem

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My name is Miss Maggie Mayhem and I’m one of the new bloggers joining this excellent community.

When I started out my college career I had no idea how radically my life would change when I began volunteering as an HIV test counselor at a free and anonymous clinic. My course of study was literature and anthropology, but the more people I spoke to in the office, the more I wanted to know about human sexuality. Even though I never changed my majors, I certainly changed what I envisioned as a career. Since graduating in 2007 I’ve worked as an HIV Prevention Specialist in San Francisco providing tests, counseling, result disclosure, and street based outreach for at risk youth as well as volunteering with the San Francisco Sex Information Hotline dispensing information to people around the world calling in to ask about sex. In 2009 I was a proud recipient of a grant to go to Tanzania, Africa where I provided home care and support for people living with HIV and trying out my Swahili language skills in the local schools as an HIV and sexual health educator.

I am also an out and proud sex worker who loves being able to model and perform live for many different kinds of audiences challenging assumptions about who sex workers are and what it is we do. I don’t believe there is such a thing as “TMI” and I always learn something new from every person that I meet.

I live in Oakland with my fabulous partner and our two rambunctious cats named Jazz and Floozy. I’m always on a quest for my next big adventure and the perfect shade of red lipstick. I’m very happy to be joining the team and I look forward to getting to know you.

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About Miss Maggie Mayhem

Miss Maggie Mayhem has worn many sex positive hats over the years. She has six years of experience as an HIV Prevention Specialist proving testing, counseling, and results disclosure as well as street based outreach for at risk youth. She is also a volunteer at the San Francisco Sex Information Hotline offering education and information to callers from around the world. She is also an erotic performer in San Francisco and loves to meet new people and show them new things. Maggie has also just recently returned from Haiti where she was part of the earthquake recovery and is looking for her next chance to go back and pick up her beloved 16lb sledge hammer once again.

  • Craig VanKempen

    Welcome Miss Maggie!

  • anonymoose

    Have your read ‘Candy Girl A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper?’ Have you read, ‘The Natashas: Inside the New Global Sex Trade?’ If so, what did you think of them? Post about it please.