Instead Of A Buffet, How About A Lap Dance At A Funeral

I thought I was a bit tired and misreading things when I read on Twitter that strippers used to be hired for funerals. Upon closer inspection, it appears that OMG Facts had their facts straight when they mentioned that it used to be more common for some wealthy Chinese families to hire strippers to help with attendance at funerals. Not being as knowledgable of the funeral scene in China, learning that having lots of people at your funeral can mean that you will do better in the afterlife, it makes sense that your family might go out of their way to try to get a Lady Gaga-esque audience at your funeral (hey, you were born this way, baby!). However, as the second linked article notes, in 2006, strippers were banned from funerals. Guess I’ll have to find another way to guarantee my sweet spot in heaven.

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