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On Tuesday I attended Lesbo Retro and then on Thursday I went to the official screening for the 5th annual Indie Erotic Film Fest (IXFF) held at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. It was amazing! I highly recommend this event to everyone in the Bay Area. If you didn’t get a chance to go this time, make sure you check it out next year.

First was the pre-party which consisted of an open bar, Mexican buffet, chances to win free toys and lube, and performances. By the end of the hour long pre-party I was covered in sparkles, a little tipsy, and had watched a masked woman fist a pinata. I probably could’ve ended the night right there and been happy, but I’m happy I kept going.

The screening featured twelve erotic short films that ranged from silly to sensual, romantic to sad, and innocent to pornographic. It was hosted by 4 queens with hilarious commentary about each movie. The queens were 3 drag queens – Peaches Christ, Lady Bear, and Hugz Bunny- and famous sexologist Carol Queen.

  • Trash Day by Sam Lerma from San Antonio, TX features a woman with a crush on her garbageman. The story was inspired by a Craigslist ad.
  • Handcuffs by Erika Lust from Barcelona, Spain won a Feminist Porn Award for sexiest short this year. This is a beautifully shot, extremely sexy flick about bondage and voyeurism that is most definitely NSFW.
  • The Orgasm Raygun by Martin Gooch from London, U.K. is a story told in poem about a scientist who invents a raygun that causes people to orgasm when shot.
  • The Filth Element (trailer only) by Benjamin Williams and Zan Christensen from Seattle, WA was a parody of The Fifth Element. Apparently it was a very good one, but because I’d never seen the movie I was pretty lost the entire time.
  • Butterfly Caught by Joshua Bewig from San Francisco, CA featured a woman in a local bookstore perusing erotica. We watch as reality becomes fantasy and abruptly becomes reality again.
  • T4-2 by Allegra Hirschman & Shellie Citron from San Francisco, CA was the winner of this year’s IXFF audience award. It was a playful sexy jaunt into the life of 2 seemingly heterosexual couples that are actually a queer poly quad of trans men and cis women. If you get a chance to see this film, do.
  • Honey Pie by Zackary Canepari and Drea Cooper from Oakland, CA made it’s way around on the internet recently. This short film is about the maker of the Real Doll which is one of the most expensive and life-like sex toys on the market.
  • Dildoman by Asa Sandzen from Stockholdm, Sweden was an animated movie featuring men standing around jerking off to 2 women messing around, but all changes when we find that the men are actually much smaller than the women and are used for their enjoyment.
  • Outlaw by Maliea Schlaefer and Lez Sloane from San Francisco, CA featured a story from the point of view of a large silicone dildo. We watch as it is used by lots of different people and realize that this dildo may have a mind of it’s own. This film came in second.
  • Lorelei (trailer only) by Steffan Schulz from Martinez, CA was a beautiful film about lost love.
  • Allison, My Love (trailer only) by Richard Paro from Chicago, IL was an erotic film about a slip of the tongue that has a surprising twist ending that everyone will enjoy.
  • Bun in the Oven by Jeannie Roshar, Gary Anthony Williams, and Laura Merians from Los Angeles, CA is a hilarious music video about the sexual desires of pregnant women. This was one of the favorites of the festival and clearly should become a viral video.

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