Dr. Ruth’s Brand New Sex Quiz App!

Dr Ruth Sex Quiz App

Brand New App Store Fun!!

Dr. Ruth now has her own iPhone app called Dr. Ruth’s Sex Quiz (she just came out with it today and announced it on Twitter).

It’s a free download in the Apple App store. Once inside, you can adjust the settings to take quizzes of 10, 20 or 50 questions. For the moment, I have the current high ranking score on the 10 question quiz with 1350 points. However, I later beat the score but it didn’t replace me – and though I clearly beat out the fake “Peaches” score with more than 6000 points in the 20 question version, I didn’t get added to the rankings (sad). Oh, and I know it’s not fair and I should get a handicap for playing and blah blah blah – but honestly, I didn’t know that there would be actual rankings when I started playing!

The quiz questions range from fairly basic knowledge to some tricky things. I disagreed with a few of the responses based on data that I’m familiar with; however, most were right on. I absolutely LOVED that Dr. Ruth’s familiar voice is part of the app (she tells you how you’re doing) though you can turn the sound off if you happen to be a conference call (oops) and need to keep things down.

I hope they continue to roll out new questions. Though they don’t all repeat in subsequent quiz attempts, some do, and it would be great if perhaps the app could repeat those less often over time or maybe ask you the ones again that you previously got wrong. Fantastic job, Dr. Ruth and team!

Dr Ruth Sex Quiz App Debby Herbenick

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