Babushkas Are Hip

Who would think a small crew of elderly Russian women (aka, a babushka) would be the next hip thing to come from Russia? An article from NPR shows that your grandma just may be cooler than you. About a dozen babushkas (most of whom are in their 70s and 80s) are becoming a music sensation. Despite singing some popular and upbeat songs, the Buranovo Babushkas also talk about some of the more sad moments in their lives. Even though the women talk about such things as a factory accident that cost one woman her arm and another is a widow, they stay upbeat. One even explains, “We can’t lose heart, or get depressed. Life goes on; it’s impossible to stop. That’s what we sing.”

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About Holly Moyseenko

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  • Thomas

    This is really cool, but doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s even happened in the youth-obsessed USA. Remember that Johnny Cash had his biggest radio it when he was in his seventies. 

  • Holly Moyseenko-Kossover

    I still think Johnny cash was sexy and hip in his 70s, and Sean Connery (while obv not a muscian) has never really lost his sex appeal status (although Hollywood bothers me with that double standard)