This Bed is Everything: Romantic. Cozy. Sexy. Sumptuous.

Recently I came across photos in the New York Times of this incredible little cottage that a woman constructed near her home in New York. She has to cross a stream to get to it. Her front step doubles as a tool box. And this bed! Oh, this bed is something from my Tim Burton Goes Soft and Romantic dreams. The photos – all 16 of them – are from Trevor Tondro, someone who I would love to ask to photograph my life given these images, and are a must-see in the Home & Garden section of the NYT.

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[New York Times]

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  • MB

    Not very romantic when your husband cant even join you in the bed due to his back problems…..

  • mysexprofessor

    Romance isn't always about sex, though. I experience feeling of, dare I say, romance walking in the woods (alone or with company), reading a great novel or poetry, or eating breakfast on the front stoop.

    But yes, I get your point. That part of the story kind of made me laugh, actually. Sounds like something I would do.