Spencer Tunick’s nude Ireland installations

spencer-tunick-ireland-thumbnailAn artist whose work I greatly admire, Spencer Tunick, recently posted a link on Twitter to show off the photos from his most recent nude installations in Dublin and Cork, Ireland. They are beautiful images – I particularly like the one with the nude women and men holding up flowers in front of the castle (for those unfamiliar with Tunick’s work, he is known for asking throngs of women and men to strip down and pose in groups all over the world; the beauty of the human skin palette, along with the varied shapes, sizes, wrinkles, cellulite, and pregnant bellies is something quite remarkable to see).

Back in 2007, Tunick had an installation at the Sagamore Hotel on South Beach, Florida – a rare occurrence for him to be able to work in the United States due to issues with public nudity.  And in 2008, he worked in Vienna. I’m eager to hear where his next installation will be as well as when.

[Spencer Tunick in Ireland]

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