Spencer Tunick on South Beach: The photos

tunick miami rafts

Here are some photos from Spencer Tunick’s installation at the Sagamore Hotel on South Beach. These images seem to have been reprinted multiple times so I am not sure who should receive proper credit - you can find sources of these photos here and here with particularly good coverage in this Miami Herald slide show.

In the above photo, more than 140 women laid out on pink rafts that completely filled the Sagamore’s pool. This was a touchier shoot because volunteers were told that only slender women and men were wanted for the raft photos in order to show as much of the pink rafts as possible for the women and as much of the green rafts as possible for the men. No participants, it seems, however were actually rejected – it was more of a self-selection process after being told as a group that if they think they are not “slender” then they should not go to the pool when it is time for the raft shoots. The rest of the photo shoots had nothing to do with size. See more photos after the jump.

tunick miami balconies

In the above photo, approximately 200 women and men stood on balconies of the Sagamore – clothed at first and then, when it was requested, dropped their clothes on the balcony. The time that participants were actually nude during these photo shoots was minimal.

spencer tunick miami green rafts

And here are the naked men on the green raft installation at the Sagamore. Participants got to keep the pink and green rafts when the shoot was over.

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