Not Your Typical Watersports: SMS-Equipped Piss Statue by David Cerny

Recently I was in Prague for the International Academy of Sex Research’s annual meeting. While walking around the city on our last day in town, we finally came upon the Piss sculpture by David Cerny, which introduces a whole new meaning for “watersports” (not the sex kind).

The Piss sculpture is of two bronze men peeing into a pool the shape of the Czech Republic. They’re peeing in ways that “write out” quotations from famous Czech people. BUT – and this is a pretty cool thing – if you look at the ground near the sculpture, you will see some bricks in which a phone number is carved into them. If you send an SMS to the phone number listed, the statues will interrupt their normal pee routine and instead pee in a way that it “writes out” your SMS message (the phone number is also listed in some guide books in case you want to come prepared or send messages from afar). Check out the video for a look-see yourself (the sound in the background is the water from the sculptures’ penises). If you find yourself in Prague, surprise your travel companion by taking them by the Piss sculpture – it’s right by the Kafka museum on the same side of the river as the Prague Castle.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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