Nancy Peach: Female Erotic Artist

All things are lawful there, that may delight
Nature or unrestrained appetite ;
Like and enjoy, to will and act is one :
We only sin when Love’s rites are not done.

-Thomas Carew “A Rapture”

“Who is this woman?” I thought to myself two years ago when Nancy Peach took me by the arm and spoke as if we had known each other for years even though we had just met moments ago. Her paintings were bigger than I stood and they burst off the walls with luscious colors full of unashamed women proudly displaying their own power sexuality. Sometimes they even looked you right in the eye. It’s immediately apparent that Nancy allows herself to be continually awed by human sexuality and with her paints, her brushes, and her canvases (some even as large as 15 x 10 feet!) she takes you along for a wild ride of desire, attraction, and passion. NSFW artistic images located below the cut.

Nancy Peach began her career as an artist 35 years ago painting murals and creating architectural illustrations. Over 50 children’s books have covers featuring her work. It was only in 2008 that she began exhibiting her erotic pieces. Seemingly discontented with a cheese platter and wine, her gallery debuts are often accompanied by live performances of rope suspension by some of the world’s greatest riggers and many of the models that have acted as her muses. These are occasions that cannot be missed as her art climbs off the walls and joins  the crowd in a celebration of the erotic. It’s no wonder that her work has been considered revolutionary.

Her emergence as an erotic artist mirrors a “coming out” process of sorts. While she had always been fascinated with the human figure, she kept much of her nude work inside the walls of her home for personal enjoyment. Although many shades more subdued and quiet, it was noticed by a member of the San Francisco Bay Area sex positive community who was, understandably, impressed by what she made. This was the spark that pulled Nancy out of the closet and into the studio to start a sexual wildfire.

Like all coming out processes, it wasn’t easy. There were those who liked her work, but wanted her to change it to fit in their own particular box. Friends and acquaintances questioned her choices. Just when it seemed that there was little hope for her new passion she came across Femina Potens [link NSFW], a sex positive gallery dedicated to women and gender queer artists. The curator, Madison Young, had fallen in love with her work and she was immediately scheduled for shows at two different venues in the Bay Area. This time around she was free to show art that didn’t fit into any strict category and she had fully come out as a female erotic artist who didn’t shy away from the infinite diversity of human sexuality.

Nancy Peach is on fire. Her work seems to get bigger and bigger as she tackles increasingly complex sexual images. She finds her subjects in the dark corner jails of society and lets them loose in vivacious color. There are aroused men tangled in bondage together, lustful women embracing one another, a mistress made into a literal giantess. Here, they are free to be bold, brazen and unafraid in Nancy Peach’s elysium and everyone is welcome. Visit her website [link NSFW] find and see so much more of this talented artist.

[Images courtesy of Nancy Peach]

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Miss Maggie Mayhem has worn many sex positive hats over the years. She has six years of experience as an HIV Prevention Specialist proving testing, counseling, and results disclosure as well as street based outreach for at risk youth. She is also a volunteer at the San Francisco Sex Information Hotline offering education and information to callers from around the world. She is also an erotic performer in San Francisco and loves to meet new people and show them new things. Maggie has also just recently returned from Haiti where she was part of the earthquake recovery and is looking for her next chance to go back and pick up her beloved 16lb sledge hammer once again.