Music Video to Laugh At: Need You Now

While on a long drive recently, I kept hearing Need You Now by Lady Antebellum play on the radio. And I’m not proud of it, but I really developed a love for this song. I’ve been hearing it a lot on my morning drive to/from the gym (that’s right, peeps, I’m getting my muscles back so watch yourself!!).

Anyway, while perusing music videos today, I decided to look for the Need You Now video and whoa there – it’s some funny stuff. For one, they show a BLACKBERRY (see above screenshot). I know some will disagree with me on this, but really? A Blackberry? Why not an iPhone? I think they used the BB because the red flickering light suggests that a phone call had been missed (goes along with the lyrics)  but still… I had to laugh. So amateur (cue iPhone snobbery here). I mean, who is their target audience???

I also appreciate how real-to-life the video is. Like, I totally dress up in formal gowns with full make-up and then roll around in my bed singing songs about missing people at 1:00 in the morning. Don’t you? I mean, if you’re going to miss someone – and we all miss someone at times – then there’s only one way to make that known and it’s clearly through shimmery shiny formal wear, a senior prom hair do and lots of eye shadow.

[Watch here: Need You Now]

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