MSP Valentine’s Gift Idea #3: Brian Andreas prints

Brian Andreas is among my favorite artists. He has a unique style of drawing and painting but more than anything he is known for what he calls his "stories", which are actually usually just a line or two. I have two of his prints – Flying Woman and Disappearing - and two of his cards, too (one of them is Kindred Spirits).

If your Valentine likes art and romance, a Brian Andreas print may be a good option – and they’re actually quite affordable. Here are some that I like and you might too:

- Almost Beyond (image above)
- Hard to Forget – one of my favorites!! (big sigh)
- Curiosity 
- Just Friends (SUCH a sweet one…)
- Great Game
- Fair Trade - good for your dad or husband/babydaddy :)
- Backup Husband
- Eternal reward (great one for your wife, mom or grandmother!)
- Fast Forward – for girls to give to their best friend

There are others, of course, but this is a good start. Brian Andreas’ web site is



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