Is This A Scrotum? Or Is It A…?

is this a scrotum or is it a

If this looks like a scrotum to you then you either have a very dirty mind or you are ridiculously insightful. Or maybe you just have a scrotum-oriented mind.

In any case, this is a double spoon rest. You know, for those times when you are cooking with two spoons and need to rest them both down at the same time, yet you don’t want your juices or sauces to get all mixed in together. Oh, and a condom second spoon rest isn’t handy.

So there. It’s a double spoon rest. After all, why would one expect to see a large metal scrotum anywhere in the universe let alone on the shelves of Bed, Bath and Beyond?

Happy October, by the way. Let’s make it a great scrotum and otherwise sex-filled Fall, shall we?

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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