Genitals in the Wild: Is It A Bare Vulva or…?

mars high res images

It looks like a bare vulva, but really it is…?

…a high res image from Mars. Yes, the planet. This image is described as “gullies and lobate material in a crater in the Nereidum Montes.” Peruse this image and others for evidence of Martians’ genital-related sense of humor while checking out the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment from the Department of Planetary Sciences at the University of Arizona. There are 95 pages of photos to look through! So beautiful.

And if you’d like to see real vulvas and men’s genitals, check out Betty Dodson’s genital art gallery. I think the Mars photo above looks like the vulva depicted in this photo on Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross’ wonderful site.

Oh wait – one more! Though this one doesn’t look like genitals, it does spell sex in another way. It reminds me of a beach in enchanting, beautiful ways, a la From Here to Eternity, or maybe it reminds me of a photograph by Peter Lik that, years ago, hung in a home in which I once lived:

mars photo from nasa project

See more Genitals in the Wild photos.

Have you spotted genitals in the wild? Send us a photo (, tell us how you happened upon it, and we’ll post it on MSP!

[Image: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona, via HiRISE]

P.S. Sorry for those who have seen this twice. I tried to post this on Friday but the evil worm that attacked our site made it all crazy, so I delayed it. Thanks for your patience.

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