Grown Up Treehouses Need Tree-Beds for Sex

whole tree architecture

Growing up, I frequently imagined being able to live in a treehouse that was inside a tree (like the Bearenstein Bears) – not just wrapped around the tops of trees. Being a kid, I never thought about how I would have sex in one as an adult, though. Lucky for me, other people have.

I love stumbling across everyday people and professional architects who have found ways to either make treehouses of some sort or to integrate trees into their design. Whole Trees Architecture is my most recent find. Though they’ve been around for years, they’re new to me – and I appreciate that they are open not only to creating beautiful homes from the outside but that they also pay attention to how they can integrate whole trees on the inside of the house from beautifully carved staircases to the platform bed pictured above, completed with built-in steps to get up that high. I can only hope that if people ever use this bed for sex that they stay away from what look like pokey branches on the bottom of the bed and instead keep their faces on the other end of the bed. Perhaps this bed is not all that well situated for 69, because of that, or standing-up-while-partner-is-bent-over-bed-sex (given the height).

[Whole Trees Architecture]

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