Giz Does Pornkins

There are so many reasons to love Gizmodo and one of them is this: they come across things like Pornkins – basically, porn-themed jack o’lantern designs. And even though they are only mildly related to technology (I mean, the kit consists of basically tools and stencils), they post them because they are awesome. Thanks, Giz.

Oh, and if you end up having a dream about these sexy things tonight it’s not your fault. Men have erections approximately every 90 minutes while they sleep. And women? Increased blood flow to the genitals and likely vaginal lubrication, too. It’s all tied to the dream-associated REM cycle, folks, all natural. Read one of my favorite science-y articles on the topic here. And don’t say I never did anything kind for you.


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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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