Famous Photographs Transformed by Legos

Photographer Mike Stimpson has re-imagined famous, and sometimes iconic, images using Legos – and he’s selling his images as prints, greeting cards, and on other media. Some are sex, love or relationship oriented and some are not but all are worth viewing.

Take, for instance, the famous bed-in photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

john lennon and yoko ono in legos john lennon and yoko on bed in

Or the more recent feather-ruffling-media-attention Vanity Fair image of Miley Cyrus.

miley cyrus in legosmiley_cyrus_vf_0430

To see the rest of the Lego photos, check out Mr. Stimpson’s Flickr. You can also view more of his work or order prints and other items at redbubble. Also, the Daily Beast has created an online gallery where you can view more of the side by side comparisons than I’ve assembled here.

Legos can be a fun part of sex and relationships – just don’t stick them where they don’t belong (i.e., vaginas or anuses). I’m serious, people. Every now and then someone does that and it’s just not an awesome idea. Small things can get stuck in the rectum and prompt awkward ER visits and those little nubbies can be irritating for vaginas. So play it safe.

[Image source for Lennon/Ono photo]

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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