Comic-Clone: More Romantic Than Comic-Con Could Ever Hope To Be

comic clone by christinoramaI have a wonderful, dear friend named Rama. And Rama has a truly magical, beautiful and kind wife, Christine, who I am also fortunate to count as a friend. (If you are into art, you may know of them; sometimes I’ve met fans of theirs, which is pretty cool).

Every year for the past 6 years, as Rama tells it on Illustration Friday, Christine has taken Rama to Comic-Con. Except this year. Why? Because as fantastic as comics may be, some things are even more precious – like babies. And they’re expecting one. Like, soon.

Rather than them both going to Comic-Con and risking her going into labour in the midst of, say, talking to a favorite artist – and rather than him going alone while she stays at home – or them both staying at home, sulking horribly – they created Comic-Clone as an alternative experience.

Check out Rama’s first installment of Comic-Clone on Illustration Friday, where you can follow what happens day after day at this inaugural and awesomely planned event. I mean, who can help themselves from getting excited when you’ve read this:

“What’s geekier than watching a Dr. Who marathon when you could have gone to prom? COMIC-CLONE! What’s nerdier than correcting your grandma when she mispronounces “Kobayashi Maru”? COMIC-CLONE! What’s cooler than sulking all week because you couldn’t attend this year’s Comic-Con? COMIC-CLONE! “

A couple of nights ago as a friend and I were walking back from dinner, we saw a college aged guy chase a college aged girl in a field and when he finally caught up with her, they tickled and wrestled each other and smiled and laughed and I said to my friend how much I just loved them and their energy. I love the romance and the care in Rama and Christine’s creation of Comic-Clone too.

So, whatever you do with your nerdiness, see if you can find a way to use it in ways that connect you to others or add love to your life. Text a kiss or a line from a poem to someone. Twitter (tweet?) a line from a song. Send someone a YouTube video that’s likely to make them laugh. Make a Lego castle with them, complete with a Lego bed for the two of your Lego counterparts to lie in. Use your iPhone to mail them a photo of you missing them, or have iPhone sex.  Join a couples fantasy league together. Or read out loud in bed to each other if you’re a book nerd like me and in love with the written word.

Just don’t stick a taser up someone’s butt and call it law enforcement.

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[Above image by Rama and from Illustration Friday]

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  • rama

    Now I feel bad that Comic-Clone ended with a celebrity appearance by my new favorite super-villain, Taser-Butt.

  • rama

    Now I feel bad that Comic-Clone ended with a celebrity appearance by my new favorite super-villain, Taser-Butt.