Can You Count The Cameras At This Newark Singalong?

Digital cameras and flip cameras have turned us all into constant chroniclers of our lives. Sometimes, I think, to the point where we forget how to live them, moment by moment. Recently I was with friends at a pier that boasts a famous sunset (though, frankly, I think it looks much like any sunset over open water looks). A crowd of at least 100 or so were there, at least a third of sunset-watchers with cameras held up trying to photograph the sunset. As I hopped up on a ledge to get a good look, I couldn’t help but wonder who was enjoying and who was simply clicking away.

I think if I had been at the Newark airport this weekend when a guy with a guitar led people in song (after they’d been evacuated and re-screened due to an airport security issue), I would have been tempted to take out my video camera, too. But I also would have been torn just wanting to enjoy the experience of singing with strangers. Especially to a song like this:

Can you count the number of cameras (still or video) that people are holding up in this minute-long video, not including the camera of the person who shot this footage? Then count the number of those people who are NOT holding up cameras? The movie – like life – moves kind of quickly so you have to be a bit on your toes. Count and list in the comments what you get on your FIRST PASS only, for each. No cheating! :)

Also, I hope more people enjoy their sex lives in the moment than they do songs or sunsets.

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Dr. Debby Herbenick

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    I couldn't count the cameras because the video made me dizzy, but I do agree that new cameras with screens instead of view finders tend to make us watch the screen, instead of the actual event. I find when I forget (sometimes intentionally) our camera or video camera for a school event, I actually enjoy things like my kids' band concerts much more than when I try to capture them for posterity.

    BTW, I'm visiting thanks to Sue Swartz's review of your blog on She Writes.