Anyone Want To Guess What These Are Good For?

is it a penis cozy?

They come in different colors. And they keep things from uncomfortable temperatures. Obviously that would make these… penis cozies? Well, no. Though they certain look like penis cozies (aka willie warmers) to me. These were on sale in the gift shop section of FARM restaurant in Bloomington (one of my favorite places to eat). And when I bought some for myself and my friends, it turned out to be quite difficult to find what they were listed as in the register. Though we all knew they were actually pot holders (see below), let’s face it: they don’t actually look like pot holder at all. If only they were a little longer and wider, they could keep more men warm during the winter.

Oh, and if you can knit and want to make your own penis cozy, check out these instructions.

is it a penis cozy or a pot holder?

Smut Cave ep.18: Penis Cozies

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